Angel One’s evolution: Staying real, staying relevant


Last updated on October 30, 2022

Acquiring long-term success as a company is hinged upon the ability to remain relevant and successfully meet the needs, interests, and appeal of varying consumers. The team at Angel Broking has understood this and has been able to work the new ideals of its consumer market into its framework such that the Company remains relevant. This new market of consumers is made up of young gen-Z and millennials that differ from their predecessors. In contrast to their serious demeanor towards investments, the new clients Angel Broking comes into contact with have an almost playful attitude towards their investments and are eager to learn old as well as new strategies to navigate financial waters.

Ambitions at Angel Broking

Angel Broking has cultivated its ambitions to align with the needs of its ever-evolving consumers. While the Company’s previous ambitions might have remained focused on mere success within the world of broking services, Angel Broking now seeks to acquire prominence as the country’s digital-first fintech contender. They recognise the sheer density of gen-Z and millennials that constitute their customer base and have understood their financial needs are more expansive than their predecessors.

The Company’s Evolution

Keeping the aforementioned factors  in mind, Angel Broking – which now goes by Angel One – has experienced an evolution of its own. They now offer a vast range of services that go beyond broking services and deal with loans, insurance, and mutual funds apart from others. These services have been molded with the latest technology such that customers are assured of availing of financial services with ease.

As the Angel One team has helped the company grow, so too has it helped its customers such that they can grow and evolve in tune with Angel One. This has been done by providing clients with a number of offerings (YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs) aimed at educating them.

A New Logo to Match New Ideals

In order to reflect their new name and brand ideology, Angel One’s logo now has a splash of color in the vibrant shade of orange. The fonts employed favor both, narrow as well as bold widths to appeal to the dynamic tastes of gen-Z and millennial customers.

Angel One’s Logo

Angel One’s Innovative Offerings

Angel One’s ability to remain relevant and constantly provide innovative fintech solutions is reflected in the platform via which it makes its expansive list of products available.

Angel One has evolved in accordance with its clients’ needs and now offers smart services that cater to varied investor profiles. SmartAPIs allow their clients to create trading platforms thanks to the company’s free APIs while Smart Buzz allows these clients to be aware of news pertaining to the market almost instantly. Armed with the knowledge that financial empowerment is key, Angel One has sought to convey to its customer base its all-encompassing offerings for all financial needs. Differing levels of financial literacy should not dissuade you from seeking out financial services as they could improve your investments. Angel One offers innovative products that do just this.


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