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Last updated on March 8, 2022

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Keep updated with latest Vedant Fashions IPO Grey Market Premium, kostak rates, and subject to sauda rates. Vedant Fashions IPO GMP for today is a discount of INR15 per share against the issue price of INR824 – 866 per share. This implies Vedant Fashions IPO expected listing price of INR850 per share based on the current GMP.

In the last few days, Vedant Fashions IPO grey premium has lost ground. The latest IPO GMP trends are indicative of a mildly negative listing for Vedant Fashions IPO.

Vedant Fashions IPO GMP Daily Trend

DateVedant Fashions IPO GMPKostakSubject to Sauda
15 Feb 2022(15)
14 Feb 2022(15)
12 Feb 2022(5)
11 Feb 2022
10 Feb 2022
9 Feb 2022INR5
8 Feb 2022INR15
7 Feb 2022INR40INR350INR600
5 Feb 2022INR40INR350INR600
4 Feb 2022INR50INR350INR650
2 Feb 2022INR40INR300INR600
1 Feb 2022INR50INR300INR600
31 Jan 2022INR75INR400INR700
29 Jan 2022INR60INR400INR700
28 Jan 2022INR50

This page provides day-wise GMP movement which is helpful in deriving tentative listing price and profit/loss of the IPO. The historical premiums mentioned in the above table serve an important purpose and have a close linkage with subscription levels, especially in the QIB and HNI categories. It is typically observed that recovery in premiums is difficult after a sharp correction.

IPO Central also provides grey premium of all active, recent and forthcoming IPOs at a single place. Head to our IPO discussion page which provides a snapshot of IPO premiums.

It should be noted that IPO grey market is unregulated and is highly volatile and thus, it should not be used as the only criterion for an investment decision in an IPO. Investors need to look into other parameters including financial performance and valuations before deciding whether to invest in Vedant Fashions IPO or not.

Vedant Fashions IPO Details

Subscription Dates4 – 8 February 2022
Price BandINR 824 – 866 per share
Fresh issueNil
Offer For Sale36,364,838 shares (INR2,996.46 – 3,149.19 crore)
Total IPO size36,364,838 shares (INR2,996.46 – 3,149.19 crore)
Minimum bid (lot size)17 shares
Minimum investment amountINR 14,722 for one lot at upper band
Maximum bid (lot size) 221 shares (13 lots)
Maximum investment amount INR191,386 for 13 lots
Face Value INR1 per share
Retail Allocation35%
Listing OnNSE, BSE

Vedant Fashions IPO News

Vedant Fashions Offer Timetable

This table provides important information about Vedant Fashions IPO. The dates are updated once the company files RED Herring Prospectus (RHP).

IPO Opening Date4 February 2022
IPO Closing Date8 February 2022
Finalisation of Basis of Allotment11 February 2022
Initiation of refunds14 February 2022
Transfer of shares to demat accounts15 February 2022
Listing Date16 February 2022

Vedant Fashions IPO FAQs

What is Vedant Fashions IPO GMP today?

Vedant Fashions IPO GMP today is a discount of INR15 per share.

What is Vedant Fashions IPO kostak rate today?

Vedant Fashions IPO kostak rate today is NA per application.

What is Vedant Fashions Subject to Sauda rate today?

Vedant Fashions Subject to Sauda rate today is NA per application.

What is the expected listing price and return of Vedant Fashions IPO?

Vedant Fashions IPO expected loss is 1.7% based on the current GMP and expected listing price is INR850 per share.

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