Leading manufacturer of automotive tyres, tubes and flaps Sector: Rubber Products Market Cap: INR35,257 crore 5 year Returns: 30.5%

MRF - INR83,130

Manufacturer & distributor of marquee brand Jockey Sector: Textile Market Cap: INR54,666 crore 5 year Returns: 187%

Page Industries INR49,137

A subsidiary of US MNC Honeywell group  Sector: Consumer Durables- Electronics Market Cap: INR35,883 crore 5 year Returns: 207%

Honeywell Automation INR39,880

A diversified company working across segments  Sector: Diversified  Market Cap: INR25,602 crore 5 year Returns: 63.4%

3M India INR22,490

Leading cement producer in India Sector: Cement and Construction Materials Market Cap: INR76,466 crore 5 year Returns: 21.6%

Shree Cements INR21,147 

Market leader in FMCG sector with 45% share Sector:  Consumer Food (FMCG) Market Cap: INR18,9742 crore 5 year Returns: 193.7%

Nestle India INR19,540

Offerings in diagnostics, medical devices, generic pharma etc Sector:  Pharmaceuticals Market Cap: INR40,198 crore 5 year Returns: 342%

Abbot India INR18,870

Subsidiary of the German MNC Robert Bosch Sector:  Auto Ancillaries Market Cap: INR51,401 crore 5 year Returns: -21.6%

Bosch - INR17,269

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