7 Smart Rules to Guide Investors in 2022


2021 has ended (already!), and it’s high time that we must start planning investments for the coming year of 2022. The world has already witnessed two waves of COVID-19 which have put pressure on financial resources of every individual.

The market has now finally started to pick up a pace, with people adjusting to the new normal routine. But what we need to gear up for is planning to make smart investments in 2022. Investments made in a systematic manner yield better and fruitful results.

Indians tend to save their money, rather than invest it due to the risk involved.  It is so because people are unaware of how to plan their investments efficiently. If you are willing to make smart investments in 2022, read these pointers before investing your money –

  1. Defined Goals

The first and most crucial step to make a smart investment in 2022 is to decide your financial goals. It is important to prioritize your goals and needs by listing them out on a paper. Numerous events will require funds at different points in life, but simply saving money in a bank account will not suffice.

Therefore, the first step is to practically prioritize and define goals for a smart investment.

  1. Understand Your Financial Capabilities

After defining and prioritizing goals, the next step is to sit and closely analyze your financial commitments and capabilities. Your investments will ask for a stable commitment to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. Any unrealistic step or commitment will not only tamper with your future but your present as well.

Let’s say if you are earning Rs. 50,000. With rent, groceries, and other utilities expenses in hand, an approximate amount of Rs. 20,000 will be left with you for making any investment in 2022. It is your choice to decide the proportion of your savings and investment from the remaining amount. Remember to have some emergency funds in your hands, to avoid dilution of your investments in the future.

  1. Schedule the Time

After the priorities are set and you have the investment amount in hand. While your goals will decided whether your investments are short-term or long–term, you must look for one of the best investment schemes in 2022 providing fruitful results. Remember that your goals and fund supply should align with the investment tenure.

  1. Remembering the Risks

Every profit-making opportunity involves risks. The degree of risks depends on what is kept at stake. Investments yielding good profits might involve a high degree of risks, while nominal profits have a low degree of risk involved. But risks are complimentary with investments.

It is advisable to make smart investments in 2022 with a balanced portfolio to minimize any harsh effects. Visit Angel One’s website to learn more about investing to make smart investing decisions in 2022. The new year is going to be a new dawn in the market and one must make smart investments to avoid losses.

  1. Diversify Your Funds

The diversification of funds is the crux of every smart investment. To make a smart investment in 2022, you must plan and diversify your funds in such a manner that it yields profits and eliminates the risks involved.

People tend to pool their funds into one investment scheme that promises to generate fruitful results. It might prove beneficial when market policies are in favor, but in unfavorable circumstances, the investor will suffer a loss.

Angel One’s ARQ Prime[1] helps carefully plan and make smart investments.  ARQ Prime is a rule-based investment engine that provides personalized stock recommendations keeping in mind investor preferences.

  1. Investigate Before Investing

Research before investing your funds into any investment schemes. The world is digitalized and the pandemic has made lives more difficult for people. People are hunting for opportunities for their livelihood. A lot of cases have been recorded in the past year where people have blindly invested money in fraud companies.

Remember, do not get tempted by the profit percent and blindly make investments. Research about the company, its market position, expected growth, etc. Discuss with fellow investors or Angel One experts before making an investment.

  1. Easy Liquidity

Unfavorable scenarios never come with a warning. The investment schemes in 2022 must come with quick and easy liquidity of investments. Even though you have planned your investments with some portion of money kept aside for an emergency, in case, if you want to dilute your investments and convert them into money, the process should be quick and simple.

There are times when people make investments and early withdrawal of money involves penalties like a fixed deposit in a bank. Therefore, look for investment schemes that can easily be diluted into cash and do not involve any penalty.


COVID -19 and the past two years were a major twist in the plot. A lot of companies boomed, while some suffered losses. The world is going back to the new normal. The trends have been changed, the demands and supply chain are now modified and people are now thinking with a fresh perspective. Indian companies and brands are getting recognition and a platform to compete globally.

Therefore, it is advisable to study the market trends and analyze the current situation before making any investment in 2022. You can also visit the official website of Angel One for more resources needed to allow for easy investing. Having said that, do not forget the guide to make smart investments in 2022 and most importantly ‘Investigate before Invest’.


1 ARQ is not an exchange approved product and any dispute related to this will not be dealt on exchange platform.



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