Best IPOs in 2023

Explore the compilation of premier IPOs in the year 2023 within India. The content on this IPO 2023 webpage aims to serve as a comprehensive hub for all your IPO performance inquiries throughout this year. Encompassing all primary board equity IPOs registered on the NSE and BSE platforms throughout the course of the year, this roster offers a comprehensive resource.

Best IPOs in 2023
Top IPOs in 2023

Best IPOs in 2023 With Highest Listing Gains (Mainboard, Returns in %)

IPO NameListing DateIPO PriceListing1 Week4 Week6 WeekCurrent
Radiant Cash Mgmt1/4/2023996.04.0-3.20.1-9.5
Sah Polymers1/12/20236537.325.826.219.847.7
Adani Enterprises
Divgi TorqTransfer3/14/20235902.67.811.89.771.9
Global Surfaces3/23/202314022.218.342.055.528.6
Udayshivakumar Infra4/3/202335-10.0-5.6-7.6-11.9-1.0
Avalon Technologies4/18/2023436-8.7-10.1-14.4-6.433.3
Mankind Pharma5/9/20231,08031.725.837.861.866.8
Nexus Select REIT5/19/20231004.
IKIO Lighting6/16/202328541.762.444.947.824.7
HMA Agro7/4/20235850.
Cyient DLM7/10/202326558.792.788.0109.2151.2
PKH Ventures
Senco Gold7/14/202331727.918.325.331.0106.0
Utkarsh Small Finance Bank7/24/202325105.2105.891.092.4105.6
Netweb Technologies7/27/202350082.178.177.568.565.9
Yatharth Hospital8/7/202330011.310.624.526.526.0
SBFC Finance8/16/20235761.854.0#N/A#N/A43.3
Concord Biotech8/18/202374127.231.4#N/A#N/A43.0
TVS Supply Chain8/23/20231972.01.7#N/A#N/A8.6
Pyramid Technoplast8/30/20231661.73.0#N/A#N/A2.5
Aeroflex Industries8/31/202310851.245.1#N/A#N/A37.5
Vishnu Prakash Punglia9/5/20239947.254.2#N/A#N/A67.2
Rishabh Instruments9/11/20234410.52.0#N/A#N/A11.8
Ratnaveer Precision Engineering9/11/20239832.015.9#N/A#N/A13.6
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals9/18/202373546.446.7#N/A#N/A51.4
RR Kabel9/20/20231,03515.815.9#N/A#N/A35.5
EMS Limited9/21/202321132.722.8#N/A#N/A30.8
Samhi Hotels9/22/202312613.818.9#N/A#N/A17.5
Zaggle Prepaid9/22/2023164-3.422.3#N/A#N/A14.8
Signature Global9/27/202338519.1#N/A#N/A#N/A22.3
Sai Silks9/27/202322210.3#N/A#N/A#N/A8.1
Yatra Online9/28/2023142-4.3#N/A#N/A#N/A-7.9
Manoj Vaibhav Gems10/3/20232150.2#N/A#N/A#N/A-5.6
JSW Infra10/3/202311932.2#N/A#N/A#N/A37.7
Updater Services10/4/2023300-5.7
Valiant Laboratories10/11/2023140
Plaza Wires10/13/202354

*Figures marked as N/A are yet to be updated

Best IPOs in 2023 in Numbers

Total listings: 35
Positive listings: 30
Negative listings: 5
Average listing day return: 25.3%

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