Highest SME IPO Subscription

Check out the highest SME IPO subscription in 2024 in India. The list of most popular SME IPOs contains all public offers on SME platforms of NSE and BSE during the year.

SME IPOs with the highest subscriptions have certain common traits such as strong fundamentals, capable management, and the presence of external investors. IPOs exhibiting these characteristics usually attract more buyers and investors, in turn, driving activity in the grey market as well. Since the majority of the value discovery process takes place after listing in the case of SME IPOs, investors don’t mind shelling out premiums in promising cases. As such, the performance of most subscribed SME IPOs is usually linked with superior listing gains as well as positive subsequent performance.

Check out the top SME IPO subscription in 2024 in India. The report also provides you with a category-wise subscription status by retail investors (RIIs), non-institutional investors (NIIs), and qualified institutional bidders (QIBs).

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List of Highest SME IPO Subscription in 2024 in India

IPO NameQIB (X)NII (X)Retail (X)Overall (X)Listing Returns (%)
HOAC Foods1402.482542.101994.62190.94
Magenta Lifecare1188.08778.41983.2435.00
Kay Cee Energy127.711151.141311.10959.53343.33
GPES Solar236.641825.61793.20856.37318.88
Medicamen Organics173.031304.001027.72843.72325.59
Greenhitech Ventures942.60597.41770.0199.50
Koura Fine Diamond Jewelry380.681083.98733.0843.09
Amkay Products173.04721.96973.14693.4499.49
Winsol Engineers207.231088.17780.15682.21411.00
Rulka Electricals204.221350.51658.32676.90112.23
Signoria Creation107.561290.85649.88669.64111.62
Fonebox Retail139.70819.30882.52657.37200.00
Slone Infosystems756.88539.99648.3042.53
Veritaas Advertising102.41629.91989.44621.69129.17
Esconet Technologies156.02868.42553.02507.32227.98
Beacon Trusteeship163.86779.71502.10465.0857.50
Indian Emulsifiers175.95779.97484.54460.08242.05
Australian Premium Solar107.02572.19533.76430.77172.22

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Highest SME IPO Subscription in 2024

A downside of high subscription in SME IPOs is that the chances of successful allotment get difficult. The rules, created by market regulator SEBI, state a lottery-based allotment for IPOs where demand outstrips supply.


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