7 Top Multibagger Stocks for 2025


The COVID-19 pandemic delivered a severe blow to the Indian stock market, triggering a sudden and sharp decline as the global economy was deeply affected, and businesses across the world came to a near standstill. However, as we move beyond the pandemic, the outlook for India’s stock market is becoming increasingly optimistic. In this article, we will explore the potential of multibagger stocks for 2025 in the post-Covid era, with a focus on stock prices and their growth potential.

Amidst the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Indian stock market experienced a sharp decline, with the bourses plummeting by over 10% within a few days. However, amidst the chaos, certain stocks in the Indian market demonstrated remarkable resilience. These select few managed to stand firm during the hit, largely due to their robust fundamentals and strong growth projections. Now that the immediate impact of the pandemic is subsiding, the market is showing signs of recovery and is positioned for a significant leap forward.

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In the forthcoming years, we anticipate certain stocks to outgrow and outperform the majority of their counterparts. With that in mind, we would like to highlight 7 potential multibagger stocks for the year 2025.

Multibagger stocks for 2025

#1 Deepak Nitrite

image 4
Multibaggers in Indian stock market – Deepak Nitrite

Deepak Nitrite has been a known compounder in the stock market, delivering a revenue CAGR of 37.01% over FY 18-23. The company is expected to achieve a topline growth of 29.2%, slightly lower than in the past but still impressive.

With its strong position in R&D, Deepak Nitrite is set to launch new products in the Pharma and Agrochem sectors. Having already benefited from the Covid outbreak, the company is expected to continue growing. The current P/E stands at 34.2, and the company ranks No. 3 in its sectoral group. If the ongoing capacity expansion plans are executed successfully, it is likely that the company may take a pole position in its group by 2025.

Deepak Nitrite CMP – INR 2,130
Market Cap – INR 29,059 crores

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#2 Exide Industries

image 3
Multibaggers in stock market – Exide Industries

Exide Industries, a well-known name in the automotive industry, once had a monopoly in the OEM segment. Although the pandemic affected the company’s business, it is now recovering rapidly. The company also diversified into the life insurance business, which was a non-core area, but the business was later sold to HDFC in 2021.

Exide has a significant opportunity in automotive lithium-ion batteries, which could be a game changer for the company. Moreover, its entry into the solar battery market diversifies its ventures, potentially leading to substantial value unlocking by 2025. The stock currently trades at a PE ratio of 25.4, with an attractive price-to-sales ratio (PS ratio) of 1.19.

Exide Industries CMP – INR 246
Market Cap – INR 20,944 crores

#3 SoftTech Engineers

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Multibagger stocks for 2025 – SoftTech Engineering

Established in 1996, SoftTech Engineers is a software company specializing in architecture, construction, and engineering. The company caters to government and semi-governmental institutions through its products on e-governance and automation in architecture and engineering. SoftTech is involved in the design and automation of various projects, including Smart-city projects, National highways, Municipal corporations, Defence, Agri-irrigation, and Waterworks departments.

With its high top-line growth and consistent revenue and EBIDTA growth, SoftTech is expected to experience a higher growth rate in the coming years due to increased governmental spending. Being reliant on the government for revenues, SoftTech is an unlikely contender in this list of multibagger Indian stocks in 2025 but this government spending is also likely to propel the company’s growth.

SoftTech CMP – INR 153
Market Cap – INR 156 crores

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#4 Centum Electronics

image 5
Multibagger Indian stocks in 2025 – Centum Electronics

Centum Electronics designs, manufactures, and exports electronic items, systems, modules, and submodules. The company caters to various industry segments, including Communication, Strategic electronics, the Medical industry, and others. With a strong export market and more than 75% of revenues coming from overseas locations. Presently, its market is spread across North America, Europe, and Asia. Centum has high growth prospects, making it a potential multibagger in the stock market.

As of March 2023, Centum’s order book stood at INR 1,132 crore against annual revenue of INR 923 crore.

Centum CMP – INR 1,350
Market Cap – INR 1,733 crores

#5 Vinati Organics

image 6
Multibgger stocks for 2025 – Vinati Organics

Vinati Organics is a specialty chemical company manufacturing products in monomers, polymers, aromatics, and other key chemicals. It leads in some key chemical products and has technical know-how through collaborations with IFP France, Saipem Italy, and NCL (National Chemical Laboratories) Pune which have enabled the company to lead in its field. To its credit, Vinati produces 99.97% pure chemical products.

The company follows a cost-plus model, allowing it to maintain margins by passing on raw material price increases to customers. Vinati’s superior return ratios, such as ROCE at 30.3%, reflect its success. Already among the multibaggers in the stock market, the company’s performance is expected to continue its upward trend.

Vinati Organics CMP – INR 1,835
Market Cap – INR 18,861 crores

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#6 Tiger Logistics (India)

image 7
Multibagger stocks for 2025 – Vinati Organics

Tiger Logistics, headquartered in Delhi, is a leading 3PL (third-party logistics) brand in India. Its wide network across major cities enables it to provide various services like transportation, customs clearing and forwarding, customs consultancy, and international freight forwarding. With a CAGR of 5.97% in revenue over the last 5 years, Tiger Logistics is one of India’s fastest-growing logistics companies which is a solid reason for including this in the list of multibagger Indian stocks in 2025.

The stock’s undervaluation, with a PE ratio of just 16.1 and an attractive PS ratio of 0.91, adds to its appeal.

Tiger Logistics CMP – INR 355
Market Cap – INR 375 crores

#7 Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables
Multibagger stocks for 2025 – Borosil Renewables

Borosil Renewables, a subsidiary of Borosil, manufactures specialized glass for solar panels. As the only company producing solar glass panels in India, it is well-positioned to benefit from the increasing focus on green energy. With a compounded growth rate of 19.3% in the last 5 years, the company is poised for higher demand and value unlocking in the share prices.

Borosil Renewables is a company that boasts high revenue growth and a strong return on capital employed (ROCE) while maintaining low levels of debt. The recent correction in its stock price has only bolstered its appeal as an investment opportunity. Additionally, the company’s strategic move to expand into the European market via the acquisition of Interfloat Group enhances its prospects for growth, allowing it to tap into developed markets.

Moreover, Borosil Renewables is actively exploring the manufacturing of energy through wind-solar hybrid power plants. This forward-looking initiative is expected to significantly contribute to the company’s business growth by the year 2025, further solidifying its position as a promising player in the renewable energy sector.

Borosil Renewables CMP – INR 503
Market Cap – INR 6,584 crores

In conclusion, this list of multibagger Indian stocks for 2025 comprises companies expected to experience substantial revenue growth, driven by industry megatrends. Investing in such stocks could hold promising prospects for investors seeking potential high returns.


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