Rights Issue

Check the latest updates about current and upcoming rights issues in 2024. This list of the latest rights offers is regularly updated with vetted corporate developments from stock exchanges and SEBI.

Rights Issue in India

Recent and Upcoming Rights Issues

Company NameRecord DateIssue DatesRenunciation Date
Gujarat Toolroom5 Jun14 Jun – 12 Jul8 Jul
A B Infrabuild17 May7 - 21 Jun14 Jun
VSF Projects24 May5 - 20 Jun13 Jun
Solara Active Pharma15 May28 May - 11 Jun5 Jun
Viji Finance15 May28 May - 10 Jun4 Jun
IFL Enterprises17 May27 May - 25 Jun20 Jun
Franklin Industries13 May24 May - 11 Jun5 Jun
Ajooni Biotech7 May21 - 31 May27 May
Khoobsurat4 May15 May - 13 June21 May
Sanginita Chemicals7 May15 - 27 May21 May
Banas Finance26 Apr13 - 30 May17 May
Billwin Industries29 Apr13 - 21 May15 May
Ashapuri Gold18 Apr8 - 27 May21 May
Yug Decor19 Apr7 - 28 May15 May
Ashnoor Textile26 Apr7 - 16 May13 May
Sobhagya Mercantile23 Apr6 - 21 May16 May
VMS Industries18 Apr2 - 16 May10 May
Savani Financials4 Apr2 - 10 May7 May
IIFL Finance23 Apr30 Apr - 14 May8 May
Scanpoint Geomatics19 Apr30 Apr - 8 May2 May
TIL22 Mar26 Apr - 10 May6 May
Sakuma Exports15 Apr25 Apr - 24 May24 May
Orient Tradelink3 MayComing soon21 May
DSJ Keep Learning14 MayComing soonComing soon
SunGarner EnergiesComing soonComing soonComing soon
Veer EnergyComing soonComing soonComing soon
Veerhealth CareComing soonComing soonComing soon
Jaykay EnterprisesComing soonComing soonComing soon
Gala Global ProductsComing soonComing soonComing soon
Jyoti Structures21 Mar15 - 29 Apr24 Apr
More Rights Issues

What is Rights Issue?

Rights issue is a popular capital-raising method in which a company offers additional shares to its current shareholders at a discount. Each entitled shareholder is given a “right” based on his current shareholding to preserve his existing ownership level in the company. The offer price is usually substantially below the prevailing price to make the offer more appealing. Offering existing shareholders a way to increase their ownership in the company is an economical and quick method for companies to raise capital. However, before making an investment, investors must carefully examine the fund-raising offer’s terms and the company’s economic state.

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Benefits of Rights Issue for Companies

  • Easy Fund Raising: Without the large underwriting expenses incurred during fresh problems, the company can obtain cash at reasonable costs from existing investors.
  • Retain Control: By allowing existing investors buy new shares, the company may maintain ownership and control ratios. In the case of rights issues share holders don’t grow.

How Rights Issue Works in India?

  1. Announcement: The company proposing the legitimation matters formal confirmation of the approval to make ale. All critical information, such as the problem price, the number of shares available for purchase, the subscription deadline, and the entitlement ratio, is included in the announcement.
  2. Record Date: The announcement of a record date serves to verify which stockholders may or may not acquire anything. Following the record date declaration, investors must have entries in their demat accounts to be eligible for purchase SHARES during the rights concern.
  3. Credit of Rights Entitlement: Right Entitlement may be credited to shareholders in favor of their previous equity on the basis of entitled shareholders. Right Entitlement is a kind of share but represents just the correct request in a civil suit. If not claimed, Rights Entitlement lapse completely.
  4. Renunciation of Rights Entitlements: Rights Entitlements can be transferred or sold to other investors and this process is known as renunciation of Rights Entitlements. Since Rights Entitlements are traded on stock exchanges, investors can simply sell these to other investors in part or full. This is a limited-time activity and Rights Entitlements not exercised within the timeframe expire worthless.