SEBI IPO Status: SEBI Upcoming IPOs in 2024

IPO Approval Status: List of Companies With SEBI IPO Approvals

India’s capital market regulator SEBI has been doing a fine job of sifting through the extensive paperwork filed by IPO candidates without taking too much time. Thus, the IPO pipeline remains robust as more upcoming IPO in India are added by the regulator fairly regularly. After getting SEBI IPO approval, a company can launch its public issue anytime in the next 12 months. Here is the list of companies with SEBI approval for IPOs.

SEBI IPO Status: Companies With SEBI IPO Approval

Issuer CompanyLead ManagerIssue TypeProspectus Filing DateSEBI Approval Date
Western Carriers IndiaJM FinancialFresh+OFS6/13/20239/22/2023
Shiva PharmachemJM FinancialOFS8/21/202311/16/2023
Onest LimitedMonarch Networth CapitalFresh+OFS7/28/202311/16/2023
Stanley LifestylesAxis CapitalFresh+OFS9/4/202311/30/2023
Akme FintradeGretex Corporate ServicesFresh6/30/20231/18/2024
Indo Farm EquipmentAryaman Financial ServicesFresh+OFS10/3/20231/24/2024
Arkade DevelopersUnistone CapitalFresh9/4/20231/29/2024
CJ Darcl LogisticsICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS10/3/20231/31/2024
Dee Development
SBI Capital MarketsFresh+OFS10/3/20232/7/2024
Denta Water and Infra SolutionsSMC CapitalsFresh12/13/20232/29/2024
KRN Heat Exchanger and RefrigerationHolani ConsultantsFresh1/18/20242/29/2024
Go Digit General InsuranceICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS3/31/20233/1/2024
Kross LimitedEquirus CapitalFresh+OFS12/1/20233/22/2024
Saraswati Saree DepotUnistone CapitalFresh+OFS10/3/20233/27/2024
Kronox Lab SciencesPantomath Capital AdvisorsOFS1/31/20244/12/2024
Asirvad Micro FinanceJM FinancialFresh10/5/20234/22/2024
Sanstar LimitedPantomath Capital AdvisorsFresh+OFS1/4/20244/30/2024
Vraj Iron and SteelAryaman Financial ServicesFresh1/2/20245/7/2024
Allied Blenders & DistillersICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS1/18/20245/10/2024
Le Travenues Technology
Axis CapitalFresh+OFS2/14/20245/14/2025
Bansal Wire IndustriesSBI Capital MarketsFresh1/18/20245/17/2024

SEBI IPO Pipeline: Companies Awaiting SEBI IPO Approval (Prospectus Filed)

In addition to the long list of companies with regulatory clearances, there is an equally impressive IPO pipeline of companies having filed draft red herring prospectuses with SEBI. The market regulator scrutinizes the documents and makes sure adequate disclosures are made. The processing time for these companies to get necessary approvals will depend on several factors including complexity of operations, and past violations of regulatory norms, among others. As such, it is unsurprising to see even well-established names getting stuck for long time-frames in this list and increasing the IPO pipeline.

Issuer Company Lead Manager Issue Type Prospectus Filing Date
NSDLICICI SecuritiesOFS7/7/2023
Emcure PharmaKotak Mahindra CapitalFresh+OFS12/16/2023
OLA ElectricKotak Mahindra CapitalFresh+OFS12/22/2023
Waaree EnergiesAxis CapitalFresh+OFS12/28/2023
One Mobikwik SystemsSBI Capital MarketsFresh1/4/2024
Unicommerce eSolutionsIIFL SecuritiesOFS1/5/2024
Northern Arc CapitalICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS2/2/2024
Gold Plus GlassIIFL SecuritiesFresh+OFS2/9/2024
Akums Drugs and PharmaceuticalsICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS2/10/2024
Gala Precision EngineeringPL Capital MarketsFresh+OFS2/14/2024
Tolins TyresSaffron Capital AdvisorsFresh+OFS2/16/2024
Orient TechnologiesElara CapitalFresh+OFS2/20/2024
Ceigall IndiaICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS3/3/2024
Manba FinanceHem SecuritiesFresh3/6/2024
Transrail LightingINGA VenturesFresh+OFS3/8/2024
Bazaar Style RetailAxis CapitalFresh+OFS3/15/2024
Interarch Building ProductsAmbit PrivateFresh+OFS3/18/2024
Shree Tirupati Balajee Agro TradingPNB Investment ServicesFresh+OFS3/20/2024
Stallion India FluorochemicalsSarthi Capital AdvisorsFresh+OFS3/20/2024
Crizac LimitedEquirus CapitalOFS3/26/2024
PN Gadgil JewellersMotilal Oswal Investment AdvisorsFresh+OFS3/26/2024
Afcons InfrastructureICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS3/28/2024
ECOS Mobility & HospitalityEquirus CapitalOFS3/28/2024
Patel Retail LimitedFedex SecuritiesFresh+OFS3/29/2024
Deepak Builders & EngineersFedex SecuritiesFresh+OFS4/9/2024
Sanathan TextilesDAM Capital AdvisorsFresh+OFS4/17/2024
Premier EnergiesICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS4/19/2024
Diffusion EngineersUnistone CapitalFresh4/27/2024
BrainBees Solutions
Kotak Mahindra CapitalFresh+OFS4/29/2024
SK FinanceKotak Mahindra CapitalFresh+OFS5/1/2024
Belstar MicrofinanceICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS5/3/2024
Garuda ConstructionCorpwis AdvisorsFresh+OFS5/24/2024
Quadrant Future TekSundae Capital
Bajaj Housing FinanceBajaj Finance
Bajaj Finserv
Hyundai IndiaKotak Mahindra CapitalOFS6/14/2024

We keep updating this list of SEBI IPO approval status on a regular basis to offer our readers the most up-to-date information. This IPO pipeline includes companies with SEBI IPO approvals and the ones awaiting regulatory clearances. Without a doubt, a strong IPO pipeline is beneficial for capital markets.


Some of these IPOs include special reservation for shareholders of their parent companies. Keeping track of such companies and purchasing as few as one share can improve the odds of IPO allotment for investors. It is important to highlight that this list includes only mainboard IPOs and not SME IPOs where respective stock exchanges take on the responsibility of vetting prospectus.

Disclaimer: No content on this website should be treated as investment advice. The idea behind this website is to spread financial literacy, especially with regard to IPOs, and to solicit discussion in our comments section. Please consult your financial advisor and undertake your due diligence before making any financial decision. In no way or circumstances, IPO Central will be responsible for your financial decisions. Here are some more resources for you:


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