SEBI IPO Status: SEBI Upcoming IPOs in 2023

IPO Approval Status: List of companies with SEBI IPO approvals

India’s capital market regulator SEBI has been doing a fine job of sifting through the extensive paperwork filed by IPO candidates without taking too much time. Thus, the IPO pipeline remains robust as more upcoming IPO in India are added by the regulator fairly regularly. After getting SEBI IPO approval, a company can launch its public issue anytime in the next 12 months. Here is the list of companies with SEBI approval for IPOs.

SEBI IPO Status: Companies with SEBI IPO approval

Issuer companyLead managerIssue typeProspectus filing dateSEBI approval date
Mitsu Chem PlastIDBI CapitalFPO7/7/202210/11/2022
BIBA FashionsJM FinancialFresh+OFS4/12/202210/11/2022
Plaza WiresPantomath Capital AdvisorsFresh5/5/202210/12/2022
Hemani IndustriesJM FinancialFresh+OFS3/29/202210/13/2022
Protean eGov TechnologiesICICI SecuritiesOFS12/24/202211/17/2022
SnapdealAxis CapitalFresh+OFS12/20/202112/8/2022
Allied Blenders and DistillersICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS6/28/202212/16/2022
Blue Jet HealthcareKotak Mahindra Capital CompanyOFS9/5/20221/9/2023
Innova CaptabICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS6/28/20221/11/2023
PayMate IndiaICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS5/30/20221/17/2023
Balaji Solutions (Foxin)IDBI Capital MarketsFresh+OFS8/17/20221/23/2023
Enviro Infra EngineersHem SecuritiesFresh9/30/20221/23/2023
IRM EnergyHDFC BankFresh12/19/20222/21/2023
Lohia CorpICICI SecuritiesOFS9/30/20222/24/2023
FirstMeridian Business ServicesJM FinancialFresh+OFS1/27/20232/24/2023
R&B Infra ProjectAryaman Financial ServicesFresh+OFS9/30/20223/3/2023
IndiaFirst Life InsuranceICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS10/27/20223/15/2023
JG ChemicalsCentrum CapitalFresh+OFS1/6/20233/20/2023
Healthvista IndiaSBI Capital MarketsFresh+OFS7/1/20223/31/2023
Rashi PeripheralsJM FinancialFresh1/20/20233/31/2023
EbixCashMotilal Oswal Investment AdvisorsFresh3/10/20234/10/2023
Survival TechnologiesJM FinancialFresh+OFS12/30/20224/10/2023
Tata PlayKotak Mahindra Capital CompanyPre Filing12/1/20224/26/2023
Tata TechnologiesJM FinancialOFS3/9/20236/21/2023
Gandhar Oil RefineryEdelweiss Financial ServicesFresh+OFS12/23/20226/23/2023
Nova AgritechKeynote Financial ServicesFresh+OFS3/6/20236/26/2023
SPC LifesciencesAmbit Private LimitedFresh+OFS3/29/20236/30/2023
Indegene LimitedKotak Mahindra Capital CompanyFresh+OFS12/16/20227/25/2023
Honasa Consumer
Kotak Mahindra Capital CompanyFresh+OFS12/30/20227/28/2023
Motisons JewellersHolani ConsultantsFresh3/27/20238/28/2023
Valiant LaboratoriesUnistone CapitalFresh6/8/20239/12/2023
Fincare Small Finance BankICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS5/3/20239/15/2023
Western Carriers IndiaJM FinancialFresh+OFS6/13/20239/22/2023

SEBI IPO Status: Companies awaiting SEBI IPO approval (prospectus filed)

In addition to the long list of companies with the regulatory clearances, there is an equally impressive IPO pipeline of companies having filed draft red herring prospectuses with SEBI. The market regulator scrutinizes the documents and makes sure adequate disclosures are made. The processing time for these companies to get necessary approvals will depend on a number of factors including complexity of operations, past violations of regulatory norms, among others. As such, it is not surprising to see even well-established names getting stuck for long time-frames in this list and increasing the IPO pipeline.

Issuer company Lead manager Issue type Prospectus filing date
Bharat Highways InvITICICI SecuritiesFresh12/21/2022
Go Digit General InsuranceICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS3/30/2023
ASK AutomotiveJM FinancialOFS6/12/2023
Mukka ProteinsFedex SecuritiesFresh6/14/2023
RBZ JewellersArihant CapitalFresh6/16/2023
Akme FintradeGretex Corporate ServicesFresh6/30/2023
Muthoot MicrofinICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS6/30/2023
ESAF Small Finance BankICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS7/7/2023
NSDLICICI SecuritiesOFS7/7/2023
Credo Brands Marketing
DAM Capital AdvisorsOFS7/13/2023
Platinum IndustriesUnistone CapitalFresh7/13/2023
Flair Writing IndustriesNuvama Wealth ManagementFresh+OFS7/14/2023
Fedbank Financial Services
ICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS7/26/2023
Onest LimitedMonarch Networth CapitalFresh+OFS7/28/2023
Jana Small Finance BankAxis CapitalFresh+OFS7/30/2023
India Shelter FinanceICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS8/4/2023
BLS E-ServicesUnistone CapitalFresh8/4/2023
EPACK DurableAxis CapitalFresh+OFS8/11/2023
RK SwamySBI Capital MarketsFresh+OFS8/11/2023
Happy ForgingsJM FinancialFresh+OFS8/14/2023
Cello World Kotak Mahindra Capital CompanyOFS8/14/2023
Apeejay Surrendra Park HotelsJM FinancialFresh+OFS8/19/2023
Shiva PharmachemJM FinancialOFS8/21/2023
DOMS IndustriesJM FinancialFresh+OFS8/22/2023
JNK IndiaIIFL SecuritiesFresh+OFS8/22/2023
Medi Assist HealthcareAxis CapitalOFS8/25/2023
Inox IndiaICICI SecuritiesOFS8/29/2023
Arkade DevelopersUnistone CapitalFresh8/31/2023
Jyoti CNC AutomationEquirus CapitalFresh9/1/2023
Stanley LifestylesAxis CapitalFresh+OFS9/4/2023
Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)IDBI CapitalFresh+OFS9/7/2023
Entero Healthcare SolutionsICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS9/13/2023
Exicom Tele-SystemsMonarch Networth CapitalFresh+OFS9/27/2023
CJ Darcl LogosticsICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS9/27/2023
Indo Farm EquipmentAryaman Financial ServicesFresh+OFS9/28/2023
Capital Small Finance BankNuvama Wealth ManagementFresh+OFS9/28/2023
Juniper HotelsJM FinancialFresh9/28/2023
Azad EngineeringAxis CapitalFresh+OFS9/29/2023
Popular Vehicles and ServicesICICI SecuritiesFresh+OFS9/29/2023
Agilus DiagnosticsICICI SecuritiesOFS9/29/2023
Saraswati Saree DepotUnistone CapitalFresh+OFS9/29/2023

We keep updating this list of SEBI IPO approval status on a regular basis to offer our readers most up to date information. This IPO pipeline includes companies with SEBI IPO approvals and the ones awaiting the regulatory clearances. Without a doubt, a strong IPO pipeline is beneficial for capital markets.

Some of these IPOs include special reservation for shareholders of their parent companies. Keeping a track of such companies and purchasing as few as one share can improve the odds of IPO allotment for investors. It is important to highlight that this list includes only mainboard IPOs and not SME IPOs where respective stock exchanges take on the responsibility of vetting prospectus.

Disclaimer: No content on this website should be treated as an investment advice. The idea behind this website is to spread financial literacy, especially with regards to IPOs, and to solicit discussion in our comments section. Please consult your financial advisor and undertake your due diligence before making any financial decision. In no way or circumstances, IPO Central will be responsible for your financial decisions. Here are some more resources for you:


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