IPO Allotment Status

IPO allotment status is a crucial step in the entire IPO process and it tells investors if they have been allotted shares or not in that particular IPO. Share allotment in an IPO is handled by the registrar of the public offer. KFin Technologies and Link Intime are the biggest registrars for main board offers while Bigshare is the leading player when it comes to SME IPO allotment status. Scroll down below the table to get a clear overview of the allotment process. Just click on the link in the last column to know the IPO allotment status.

Recent IPOs and allotment status

IPO NameListing DateIPO Price (INR)IPO Allotment Status
AGS Transact1/31/2022175Available now
Adani Wilmar2/8/2022230Available now
Vedant Fashions2/16/2022866Available now
Uma Exports4/7/202268Available now
Ruchi Soya4/8/2022650Available now
Veranda Learning4/11/2022137Available now
HariOm Pipe Industries4/13/2022153Available now
Campus Activewear5/9/2022292Available now
Rainbow Hospitals5/10/2022542Available now
LIC5/17/2022904Available now
Prudent Corporate Advisory5/20/2022630Available now
Venus Pipes5/24/2022326Available now
Delhivery5/24/2022487Available now
Paradeep Phosphates5/27/202242Available now
Ethos5/30/2022878Available now
eMudhra6/1/2022256Available now
Aether Industries6/3/2022642Available now
Syrma SGS8/26/2022209 – 220Available now
DreamFolks9/6/2022308 – 326Available now
Tamilnad Mercantile Bank9/15/2022500 – 525Available now
Harsha Engineers9/26/2022314 – 330Available now
Electronics Mart10/17/202256 – 59Available now
Tracxn Technologies10/20/202275 – 80Available now
DCX Systems11/11/2022197 – 207Available now
Fusion Microfinance11/15/2022350 – 368Available now
Global Health11/16/2022319 – 336Available now
Bikaji Foods11/16/2022285 – 300Available now
Five Star Business Finance11/21/2022450 – 474Available now
Archean Chemical11/21/2022386 – 407Available now
Kaynes Technology11/22/2022559 – 587Available now
Inox Green Energy11/23/202261 – 65Available now
Keystone Realtors11/24/2022514 – 541Available now
Dharmaj Crop Guard12/8/2022216 – 237Available now
Uniparts India12/12/2022548 – 577Available now
Sula Vineyards12/22/2022340 – 357Available now
Abans Holdings12/23/2022256 – 270Available now
Landmark Cars12/23/2022481 – 506Available now
KFin Technologies12/29/2022347 – 366Available now
Elin Electronics12/30/2022234 – 247Available now
Radiant Cash Mgmt1/4/202394 – 99Available now
Sah Polymers1/12/202361 – 65Available now
Divgi TorqTransfer3/14/2023560 – 590Available now
Global Surfaces3/23/2023133 – 140Available now
UdayShivakumar4/3/202333 – 35Available now
Avalon Technologies4/18/2023415 – 436Available now
Mankind Pharma5/9/20231,026 – 1,080Available now

After subscribing to an IPO, investors have to wait for nearly a week. During this time, all the applications are sorted, vetted and incomplete applications are removed from the pool. The subsequent allotment process is quite simply just a draw from this pool by the registrar of the offer. In an IPO, the registrar is the intermediary responsible for allotment and subsequent transfer of shares to investors’ demat accounts and process refunds for unsuccessful applications.


How to Check IPO Allotment Status?

“How to know IPO allotment status?” is often a key question for investors after filling in the application. This is simply due to the anticipation factors, although there is little practical use of allotment knowledge.

The IPO allotment date is revealed in red herring prospectus and the allotment details are made public on this date on the registrar’s website. Investors can check the number of shares allotted by entering PAN (Permanent Account Number) or the IPO application number. Investors can also check the IPO allotment status on the websites of stock exchanges (BSE and NSE) as well as through email and SMS. Here is an example of the best ways to check IPO allotment status. In some cases when registrar and exchange websites are slow or inaccessible, investors can also check their bank balances to get an idea about allotment. Nevertheless, the registrar’s website is often the best way to check IPO allotment status.

As a summary, these are the different ways you can check IPO allotment status

  1. Registrar Websites
  2. Stock Exchange Website
  3. Bank Account
  4. Credit in Demat Account

How to check IPO allotment status at registrar websites?

As mentioned above, registrar website is often the investors’ best shot at knowing about IPO allotment status, we have compiled links of various registrars

Link Intime IPO Allotment Status

KFintech IPO Allotment Status

How to check SME IPO allotment status?

SME IPOs have different dynamics altogether. Generally speaking, the number of SME IPOs is in multiples of their mainboard counterparts. At the same time, higher capital requirements of SME public offers result in somewhat restricted participation by small retail investors. This eventually leads to less rush for checking SME IPO allotment status. Here are the links of popular registrars

Bigshare IPO Allotment Status

Skyline Financial Services

How to check IPO allotment status at stock exchange websites?

Among the major stock exchanges in India, only BSE allows investors to check allotment status while NSE has no such facility as of now. When compared with experience of registrar websites, BSE IPO status is a breeze. Here is the link for BSE IPO status

BSE IPO Allotment Status

Why does it take so long?

IPO allotment is strictly done at registrar end market regulator SEBI has prescribed a stepwise timeframe for all IPOs starting from subscription date to eventual listing. Since all applications are now handled electronically, allotment can be finalized sooner as well. The only reason that investors have to wait for a week is purely due to the fact that the regular allows this timeframe.

It is generally seen that SEBI is in favor of reducing the listing time for IPOs and there are proposals already underway to reduce this timeframe. The allotment timeframe is likely to come down once SEBI gives a go ahead to these proposals. The regular is also keen to shift to T+1 settlement cycle in India and once this happens, IPO allotment timeframe will surely come down.

Is IPO allotment manipulated?

This is another common question, especially from disgruntled investors who don’t get shares allotted in public offers. Please note that this draw is computerized and is totally random. Since IPOs in general receive lot of demand, many investors don’t get allotment and get a feeling that only some specific investors are allotted shares. Although registrars’ websites are known to crash and cause delays when the IPO allotment status is made public, there is little to suggest that the process is unfair. Market regulator SEBI has laid out all the steps and responsibilities of all intermediaries very well. This is true for registrars and IPO allotment status as well.

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As we outlined in the ways to improve IPO allotment chances, there is no benefit of making large applications in case of over-subscription. It is only in the event of retail category receiving fewer applications than earmarked that investors stand to get a bigger allotment of shares. Of course, if there is little interest in the concerned IPO, investors wouldn’t want higher allotment.

IPO Allotment

Understanding the IPO allotment process could be very helpful and insightful for investors in appreciating the intricacies and the role of luck in getting shares.

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