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Last updated on June 13, 2024

Navigating the stock market independently or contemplating a significant investment often prompts the search for guidance. This quest is driven by the desire to make well-informed decisions that maximize returns while minimizing risks.

Enter Portfolio Management Service (PMS) – the optimal solution for such scenarios. This piece will explore the key considerations when choosing the best PMS in India. A portfolio, encompassing diverse asset classes like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, real estate, and commodities, forms the core. Esteemed and authorized intermediaries provide these services, assisting you in making savvy financial choices and overseeing your portfolio in exchange for a fee.

Typically, a PMS charges a combination of management fee (~2% of investment) and performance fee (~20% of profits). In addition, there may be exit penalties in case of early withdrawals. However, the competitive landscape in the industry is evolving and is leading to more affordable models. For example, Dezerv Investments – a PMS service that has outperformed BSE500TRI since inception – charges 0% management fees, making it one of the most affordable PMS offering in India.

What is Portfolio Management Service?

Portfolio Management Service provides investors with the opportunity to tap into the expertise of market insiders, gaining valuable insights and assistance in pivotal investment decisions. Now, let’s delve into additional offerings they extend:

  • Holistic Portfolio Management: PMS oversees all facets of managing your portfolio.
  • Understanding Investor Goals: PMS providers comprehend your expectations for investment returns and individual preferences.
  • Market Surveillance and Allocation: They vigilantly monitor the market and allocate your funds based on your requirements.
  • Wealth-Driven Decision-Making: PMS providers make decisions geared towards augmenting your wealth.
  • Stock Market Guidance: They offer valuable advice on activities in the stock market.
Best PMS in India

Characteristics of Portfolio Management Service

PMS service providers in India operate under the regulatory oversight of SEBI and manage portfolios encompassing both debt and equity. The SEBI-mandated minimum investment for PMS stands at INR 50 Lakhs, though certain providers might set higher thresholds. Investors have the option to select from various model portfolios aligned with their financial objectives, and customization is available if needed.

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Types of Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management Services can be broadly classified into three groups:

  1. Discretionary Portfolio Management Service:

In this model, the portfolio manager possesses the freedom to invest in and manage the portfolio on behalf of investors without requiring their direct involvement. At present, the majority of service providers extend discretionary PMS.

  1. Non-discretionary Portfolio Management Service:

This category operates in an advisory capacity, where the portfolio manager suggests appropriate investments aligned with the investor’s objectives and risk tolerance. The ultimate investment decision rests with the investor, while the portfolio manager oversees the execution.

  1. Advisory Portfolio Management Service:

This service is comparable to advisory offerings tailored for high-value portfolios. The portfolio manager offers recommendations, and it is the investor’s responsibility to implement the suggestions.

Top PMS in India

Top PMS in India – Performance Rankings

The ranking criterion for this list is solely the performance over the last 12 months. Here are 10 chosen entries that secure a place on the roster of the best Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India, evaluated based on their performance until May 2024.

  • Green Lantern – Growth Fund
  • Invasset – Growth Pro Max
  • Asit C Mehta Investment – ACE Midcap
  • InvestSavvy – Alpha Fund
  • Asit C Mehta Investment – ACE Multicap
  • Samvitti – Active Alpha Multicap
  • Samvitti – Aggressive Growth
  • Wallfort PMS – Diversified Fund
  • Carnelian Asset – YnG Strategy
  • Stallion Assets – Core Fund

#1 Green Lantern – Growth FundBest PMS in India

The fund strategy endeavors to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, in varying market conditions, by investing in mid- and Small Cap companies. Ideal long-term investment (3-5 year Horizon) option for investors where we build a portfolio of companies that are Industry leaders, have the potential to generate healthy ROE, and are trading at a high margin of safety.

Fund Manager: Mr. Nilesh Doshi & Mr. Abhishek Bhardwaj
AUM: INR 616.45 crore
1-Year Returns: 120.89%
3-year Returns: 55.49%
5-year Returns: 43.06%

#2 Invasset – Growth Pro Max

To generate consistent, sustainable wealth for its clients by investing their hard-earned income in a portfolio of best-performing equity assets.

Fund Manager: Mr. Anirudh Garg
AUM: INR 297.85 crore
1-year Returns: 115.57%
3-year Returns: 30.98%

#3 Asit C Mehta Investment – ACE Midcap

A structured value investing Mid-Cap strategy involves selecting 20-25 equal-weighted stocks considered to be the most undervalued and highly quality within a risk-mitigated and alpha-generating Scientific Investing framework.

Fund Manager: Mr. Deepak Makwana
AUM: INR 4.21 crore
1-year Returns: 102.03%
3-year Returns: 39.14%
5-year Returns: 31.58%

#4 InvestSavvy – Alpha Fund

The investment aim of InvestSavvy PMS is that companies with a compelling business story and strong, professional, and honest management are more likely to succeed in the long run. They employ internal metrics to aid in decision-making when they find potential organizations that fit those criteria. The investment objective of InvestSavvy PMS is long-term wealth generation.

Fund Manager: Mr. Ashish Goel
AUM: INR 66.43 crore
1-year Returns: 98.66%

#5 Asit C Mehta Investment – ACE Multicap

A structured value investing Total-Cap strategy entails selecting 25 equal-weighted stocks that are among the most undervalued and highly quality within a risk-mitigated and alpha-generating Scientific Alpha framework.

The total-cap universe consists of stocks with a market capitalization greater than INR 1000 crore and a minimum average daily liquidity of INR 1 crore over the preceding 3 months.

Fund Manager: Mr. Deepak Makwana
AUM: INR 108.83 crore
1-year Returns: 97.95%
3-year Returns: 41.31%
5-year Returns: 30.79%

#6 Samvitti – Active Alpha Multicap

To invest in companies who are market leaders, with strong cash flows who are not leveraged, & also emerging businesses in the mid, small & microcap segment and are run by promoters/management with high corporate.

Fund Manager: Mr. Prabhaker Kudva
AUM: INR 253.37 crore
1-year Returns: 93.21%
3-year Returns: 41.84%

#7 Samvitti – PMS Aggressive Growth

Emphasize wealth generation through various business and market cycles by employing diverse strategies that target all capitalizations—large, mid, and small—while favoring rapidly growing and promising enterprises.

Fund Manager: Mr. Prabhaker Kudva
AUM: INR 318.22 crore
1-year Returns: 92.52%
3-year Returns: 29.80%
5-year Returns: 23.40%

#8 Wallfort PMS – Diversified Fund

Wallfort PMS and Advisory Services LLP aims to offer clients a framework designed to both preserve and grow their capital.

Fund Manager: Mr. Vijay Shyamsunder Bharadia
AUM: INR 40.56 crore
1-year Returns: 91.62%
3-year Returns: 33.22%
5-year Returns: 25.12%

#9 Carnelian Asset – YnG Strategy

A long-only, multi-cap, well-diversified portfolio designed to capture yield and growth across industrials, financials, and services. It blends both public and private sector companies.

Fund Manager: Mr. Sachin Jain
AUM: INR 73.7 crore
1-year Returns: 83.54%

#10 Stallion Assets – Core Fund

The main goal of the proposed portfolio management product is to achieve capital appreciation over the medium and long term by investing in Indian equity markets.

Fund Manager: Mr.Amit Mohanlal Jeswani
AUM: INR 1,799.49 crore
1-year Returns: 83.32%
3-year Returns: 29.10%/
3-year Returns: 31.37%

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midcap stocks with high upside potential stock reports plus

Top PMS in India – AUM Rankings

Here are the leading Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in India ranked by their Assets Under Management (AUM):

#1 ENAM Asset Management Company (AUM – INR 38,678.95 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – ENAM India Equity
Fund Manager – Mr. Rajesh Khona
AUM – INR 21,989.13 crore
1-year Returns: 32.03%

#2 360 ONE Asset Management (AUM – INR 25,715.80 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – Customised Discretionary Portfolio – Equity
Fund Manager – Mr. Anup Maheshwari
AUM – INR 14,020.72 crore
1-year Returns: 36.84%

#3 Ask Investment Managers (AUM – INR 24,224.38 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – ASK Indian Entrepreneur Portfolio
Fund Manager – Mr. Sumit Jain
AUM – INR 15,406.72 crore
1-year Returns: 19.07%
3-year Returns: 10.88%
5-year Returns: 17.37%

#4 Unifi Capital Private Limited (AUM – INR 21,363.04 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – Blended- Rangoli
Fund Manager – Mr. Baidik Sarkar
AUM – INR 14,847.83 crore
1-year Returns: 29.37%
3-year Returns: 19.06%
5-year Returns: 26.95%

#5 Quantum Advisors Pvt Ltd (AUM – INR 19,395.32 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – Q India Value Equity Strategy Constrained V Fund Manager – I.V. Subramaniam
AUM – INR 16,767.3 crore
1-year Returns: 37.42%

#6 Abakkus Asset Manager LLP (AUM – INR 16,240.04 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – All Cap Approach
Fund Manager – Mr. Sunil Singhania
AUM – INR 6,040.32 crore
1-year Returns: 40.66%
3-year Returns: 21.05%

#7 Invesco Asset Management (India) (AUM – INR 12,895.99 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – RISE Portfolio
Fund Manager – Mr. Neelesh Dhamnaskar
AUM – INR 417.55 crore
1-year Returns: 48.15%
3-year Returns: 19.75%
5-year Returns: 19.58%

#8 White Oak Capital Management Consultants (AUM – INR 6,275.58 crore)

Flagship Strategy Details
Investment Approach – White Oak India Pioneers Equity Portfolio
Fund Manager – Mr. Prashant Khemka
AUM – INR 5,760.48 crore
1-year Returns: 26.13%
3-year Returns: 12.37%
5-year Returns: 18.03%

Top PMS in India – Conclusion

Embarking on the path to realizing your investment objectives, Portfolio Management Service (PMS) emerges as a formidable choice, particularly tailored for High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs). Nevertheless, a barrier looms for retail investors aiming for equity involvement through PMS—a regulatory constraint dictating a minimum investment threshold of INR 50 lakhs. This financial requirement, imposed by regulatory authorities, remains unyielding, posing a challenge even for the best PMS services in India.

Providers of Portfolio Management Services (PMS) are obligated to promptly inform clients about any disclosures, even if such details aren’t readily available to the general public. Although PMS services provide increased flexibility for substantial investors and High Net Worth Individuals (HNIs), they are accompanied by elevated fees in comparison to mutual funds.



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