Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Price


Last updated on May 20, 2024

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Price

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Description – Cochin International Airport, owned and operated by Cochin International Airport Limited (CIAL), holds the distinction of being the first airport in India constructed under Public Private Partnership (PPP). Notably, it is also the world’s first fully solar-powered airport. Situated 28 km northeast of downtown Kochi, it holds the position as the third busiest airport for international passengers and the seventh largest overall in India. As of 2022, Cochin Airport facilitated 61.8% of Kerala’s total air passenger movement.

Currently, CIAL’s green energy initiatives boast a total installed capacity of 50 MWp, generating 200,000 units of power daily. The airport comprises three terminals, including India’s inaugural charter gateway—an exclusive Business Jet Terminal. Cochin International Airport has fostered connectivity with 31 countries, partnering with 24 airlines and annually accommodating over 10 million passengers with its state-of-the-art amenities. Although not publicly listed, the company possesses a strong foundation with 19,000 investors from 28 countries, predominantly expatriate Keralites.

Cochin International Airport share price

This diverse investor base has played a pivotal role in nurturing the airport, a significant endeavor realized by the state government, which holds the largest stake at approximately 34%. Remarkably, the company has consistently distributed dividends since 2003-04, except in FY 2021 and FY 2022 due to Covid-19.

During the post-pandemic year, CIAL emerged as the sole airport in the country to achieve profitability. In 2021-22, the company recorded a profit of INR 37.68 crore, which surged to INR 267 crore in 2022-23. Over its 24-year operational tenure, it reached a milestone by accommodating 10 million passengers in the calendar year of 2023.

Cochin International Airport Terminals

Cochin International Airport comprises three primary terminals: domestic, business jet, and international terminals. Additionally, it houses a domestic cargo terminal and international export and import cargo terminals. Together, these three terminals have a peak-hour handling capacity of 8,000 passengers.

  • Terminal 1 (Domestic): The Domestic Terminal Complex boasts exclusive arrival and departure areas spread across a floor area of 6 lakh square feet, with a peak-hour passenger handling capacity of 2,000 incoming and 2,000 domestic outgoing passengers. It is fully equipped with modern passenger amenities to cater to domestic travelers to and from Cochin. All domestic flights are serviced through this complex.
  • Terminal 2 (Business Jet Terminal): CIAL is the fourth airport in India equipped with a terminal dedicated to business jets. This terminal is tailored to offer customized services to charter and private jets, marking it as India’s premier Charter Gateway. Distinctively, this terminal seamlessly integrates tourism, international summits, business conferences, and the movement of high-net-worth individuals, while also emphasizing cost-effectiveness in the development of an exquisite airport terminal.
Cochin International Airport Terminals
  • Terminal 3 (International): The new international Terminal 3 welcomed travelers in March 2017. The terminal boasts 5 entry gates, 84 check-in counters, and 80 immigration counters. It is equipped with 10 escalators, 21 elevators, and 3 moving walkways. Additionally, the terminal features a solar carport facility capable of generating 2.7 MW of power and accommodating parking for 1,400 cars. Together with the solar carport at the domestic Terminal 1, it constitutes the largest solar carport in the world, with a combined capacity of 5.1 MW of power and parking for 2,800 cars.

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Cochin International Airport: Aircraft, Passenger and Cargo Movement

Aircraft, Passenger and Cargo Movement

Cochin International Airport Green Initiatives

CIAL is committed to undertaking projects that promote green energy and reduce its carbon footprint. In 2015, Cochin International Airport made history as the world’s first fully solar-powered airport with the launch of a dedicated solar plant. Additionally, CIAL ventured into a hydroelectric project, which commenced operations in 2021. Situated at Iruvanjippuzha in Arippara, Kozhikode district, the hydropower plant boasts an installed capacity of producing 4.5 MW of power.

CIAL further solidified its position as a pioneer in sustainable energy by inaugurating a new solar power plant in March 2022, elevating its status from a power-neutral to a power-positive airport. The 12 MWp Payyanur plant is located at Ettukudukka near Payyanur, Kerala. With the commissioning of the Payyanur plant, CIAL’s cumulative installed capacity of solar plants reached 50 MWp.

Cochin International Airport Green Initiatives

Currently, the company produces an impressive 73 million units of clean and green energy annually. Daily, CIAL generates 2 lakh units of power, while its daily power consumption amounts to 1.6 lakh units. This notable power production establishes CIAL as the second-largest power producer in Kerala, following the Kerala State Electricity Board.

Key Highlights

  • CIAL is embarking on an ambitious journey with a portfolio of 163 ongoing projects, of which 9 are of utmost importance and are considered highly prestigious, aligning with its ambitious expansion plans.
  • CIAL has achieved a remarkable gross income record of INR 770.91 crores in the current fiscal year 2022-23, surpassing the annual revenues of all previous years. This accomplishment comes despite operating at 90% of pre-COVID levels of traffic. It signifies an impressive 84.12% growth in revenue compared to the previous year.
  • The company also owns an 18-hole golf course (CIAL Golf Club), a trade center (CIAL Trade and Convention Center), and two hangars.

Cochin International Airport Subsidiaries

CIAL has three wholly-owned subsidiaries:

  • CIAL Duty-Free and Retail Services Ltd (CDRSL), which manages the duty-free business in the airport.
  • CIAL Infrastructures Ltd, plans and implements green energy production.
  • Cochin International Aviation Services Ltd (CIASL), which facilitates MRO activities and operates two hangars.

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Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Details

NameCochin International Airport Unlisted Share Details
Face ValueINR 10 per share
ISIN CodeINE02KH01019
Lot Size100 shares
Demat StatusNSDL, CDSL
Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share PriceINR 300 per share
Market CapINR 11,477 crore
Total number of shares382,574,749 shares

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Cochin International Airport Unlisted Board of Directors

  • Shri.Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala, Chairman
  • Shri. P. Rajeev, Director
  • Shri. K. Rajan, Director
  • Dr. V. Venu, Director
  • Shri. E. K. Bharat Bhushan, Director
  • Smt. Aruna Sundararajan, Director
  • Shri. M.A. Yusuff Ali, Director
  • Shri. N. V. George, Director
  • Shri. E. M. Babu, Director
  • Dr. P. Mohamad Ali, Director
  • Shri. S. Suhas IAS, Managing Director

Cochin International Airport: Right Issue 2022-23

The Board of Directors of CIAL, in its meeting held on 14 February 2023, decided to offer 9,56,43,687 equity shares of INR 10 each for a premium of INR 40 per share (i.e., issue price INR 50 per share), totaling INR 478.22 crore to the existing shareholders of CIAL in the ratio of 1:4. The Record date fixed for the Right Issue was 22 February 2023. The Right Issue opened on 1 March 2023, and closed on 30 March 2023.

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Details – Shareholding Pattern

Shareholding pattern of the company as of 31 March 2023:

Shareholder Name% to HoldingNo. of shares
His Excellency, The Governor of Kerala32.42124,029,206
Mr. Yusuffali M A11.7644,993,556
Mr. N V George7.0026,788,548
M/s. Synthite Industries Private Limited3.0011,477,243

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Details – Financial Metrics

ParticularsFY 2021FY 2022FY 2023
Revenue Growth (%)(65.75)87.7187.07
Net income(92.87)34.99292.74
Margin (%)(34.71)6.9731.15
ROE (%)(6.00)2.0019.00
ROCE (%)(3.00)4.0014.00
Dividend (per share)3.50
Figures in INR crore unless specified otherwise

Cochin International Airport Annual Reports

Cochin International Airport Annual Report FY 2022 – 2023
Cochin International Airport Annual Report FY 2021 – 2022
Cochin International Airport Annual Report FY 2020 – 2021

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share Peer Comparison

Sales CAGR (%)
PE RatioNet Margin (%)ROCE (%)MCap
(INR crore)
Cochin International Airport5.6339.5331.1514.0011,477
GMR Airports Infrastructure(7.27)(12.55)4.4951,909
Adani Enterprises46.794.21.6110.23,48,812

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Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share FAQs

Is it safe to purchase unlisted shares in India?

While there are risks associated with unlisted shares, purchases made from credible brokers and after conducting due diligence considerably lower these risks.

What is Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share price?

Cochin International Airport Unlisted Share price in May 2024 is INR 300 per share. Shares are purchased in lots of 100 shares.

Who determines Cochin International Airport share price?

The unlisted share price is determined by a variety of factors including recent transaction price, supply and demand, valuation in the latest funding round, profitability, and return ratios.


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