How Angel One curated the stock market experience and its reality inside-out


Recognized as a trustworthy FinTech platform, Angel One has amassed a number of accolades over the two decades of its operations. Not only has it laid the foundational bricks, but it has also helped carve out the modern stock market experience as it operates today.

Thoughts pertaining to the stock market often feature stock tickers and charts peppered with images of suited investors navigating their way through money movements. However, in reality, the world of stock markets in India up until recent times was made up of sub-brokers, telephone lines and big players that were present on trading floors. The democratization of trading in India which allowed for average Indians to access shares via their smartphones took a while and Angel One played a major role in paving the way for this.

When examining the history of the Indian stock market, it was largely traversed by those who were affluent, had an unbiased understanding of the markets and hailed from metropolises. Those who belonged to smaller towns for the most part were likely to view stock markets as a gamble that were best suited to rich individuals who could afford losses. Angel One’s Angel Academy aimed to make the stock market more transparent such that these faulty perceptions could be corrected.

Over time Angel Academy disseminated several free resources in the form of blogs, videos and podcasts published in a number of regional languages. This information catered to investors and traders new and experienced with an underlying aim to help place equity markets in customers’ financial lives.

The democratization of smartphones meant that Angel One was able to launch Smart Money, an application that allowed diverse Indian investors to understand the scope of investments and savings. Customers were educated on equity markets which could help fulfil long-term goals and allow for limited risks provided proceeded with caution. Angel One’s reports always helped allay the concerns of average investors and allowed them to thrive regardless of adverse economic conditions.   

Now that investors and traders alike had the knowledge to navigate the stock markets, all that they required was the tools to empower them such that they could interact with these markets. The onset of the dot-com revolution allowed for computers to gain popularity within households. This ultimately meant that digital trading was a possibility that brought with it a level of freedom to investors and traders’ lives. At each stage, Angel One helped empower its clients with the best features that made use of market intelligence. Sub-brokers and authorized personnel served under Angel One’s ecosystem and continue to support traders and investors even in the most remote areas of the country.

What made Angel One’s offerings work was its ability to be inclusive in terms of its offerings and services that overcame previously prevailing language barriers. With the growing popularity of mobiles and smartphones, Angel One began to offer its stock market advisory services via its ARQ platform. Retail investors could now take advantage of stock delivery without incurring any transaction costs. From a real-world view, this meant that investors such as small store owners that had only INR 500 in savings could now invest their modest savings. Market-savvy investors too could stand to benefit from the cutting-edge features the ARQ platform provided.

The increasing dependence placed on machines meant that algorithmic trading began to gain credence owing to which Angel One launched SmartAPI. This allowed retail investors to participate in algorithmic trading by taking advantage of the plug-n-play functionalities on offers.

What stands out here is the fact that as time progressed, Angel One never lost sight of its customer’s needs by catering. Its wide range of offerings makes it a full-service provider no longer limited to the world of broking alone. Owing to this very fact Angel One no longer goes by the restrictive ‘Angel Broking’ name.  Despite the number of upheavals that the markets experienced over the past year and a half, Angel One has allowed investors to profit from even the most trying and uncertain times. Those seeking to begin a prosperous new financial journey should consider availing of the services Angel One provides.


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