How Many Companies are Listed in NSE?


How many companies are listed in NSE?

Have you ever wondered about the number of companies listed in the NSE(National Stock Exchange), considering it is India’s largest stock exchange in terms of turnover? Being nearly 10 times larger than its competitor BSE, NSE has undoubtedly garnered significant attention from investors, knowingly or unknowingly.

Number of companies listed in NSE

How Many Companies are Listed in NSE?

Let’s put an end to the guessing game and provide you with a concrete answer. As of 31st December 2023, the total number of companies listed in NSE was 2,266. This figure marks a slight increase of 6.04% compared to the previous year’s total of 2,137. Additionally, it includes 397 companies listed on the SME platform (Small and Medium Enterprises).

NSE Listed Companies

To provide further insights into the growth of NSE listed companies, let’s take a look at the figures from previous fiscal years:

 YearTotal companies listed in NSE
31 December 20232,266
FY 20232,137
FY 20222,012
FY 20212,003
FY 20201,913
FY 20191,799
Source: NSE

While NSE’s arch-rival BSE boasts a much higher figure of 5,681 listed companies, NSE maintains its position as India’s leading stock exchange when it comes to turnover, trading volumes, and liquidity.

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Understanding NSE Series?

NSE listed companies are categorized based on various parameters such as asset class and compliance, and each is assigned a unique two-letter series. Let’s take a look at some of these series for NSE listed companies:

EQ Series – Equity: The EQ series encompasses the majority of companies listed on India’s largest stock exchange by turnover. As of 31 December 2023, there were 1,610 companies registered in NSE under the EQ series. Notably, the EQ series allows both intraday trading and delivery of securities.

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BE Series – Book Entry: Previously used for rolling settlement until 2nd July 2001, the BE series now indicates Trade for Trade securities under surveillance. Securities in this segment undergo settlement on a trade-for-trade basis without netting off. Intraday trading is not permitted within this series.

The list of BE series stocks in NSE included 309 stocks as of 31 December 2023. Shifting securities to the Trade for Trade segment depends on criteria such as PE ratio, price variation, and market capitalization.

BZ Series – Non-Compliant Equities: The BZ series represents securities in the Trade for Trade (Z category) due to non-compliance with specific listing conditions. As of 31 December 2023, the list of BZ series stocks in NSE contained 17 stocks.

GB Series – Gold Bonds: Currently, all the bonds in the GB series are issued by the government.

SeriesDescriptionNo. of companies
EQ seriesEquity1,610
E1Equity (partly paid)
BEEquity (T2T)309
BZEquity (T2T)17
GBGold Bonds
GSGovernment Securities156
IVInfrastructure Investment Trust
N1 – N9
Non-Convertible Debt instruments1,715
RRReal Estate Investment Trust3
SMEquity (SME)224
STEquity (T2T)34
SZEquity (T2T)1
Information as of 31 December 2023

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Factors Influencing the Number of Companies Listed in NSE

It’s important to note that the count of companies registered in NSE is not static, as it continuously changes due to factors such as new IPOs and the pruning of underperforming companies caused by mergers, delisting, and other reasons.

Stringent listing requirements play a significant role in the removal of companies from stock exchanges. Additionally, mergers and acquisitions directly impact the number of companies registered in NSE. Given the high listing requirements and associated costs on NSE, several companies choose to delist themselves through open offers. This trend is particularly observed among small-cap stocks and companies with flawed business models.



With 2,266 listed companies, NSE stands as India’s largest stock exchange in terms of turnover, trading volumes, and liquidity, surpassing its competitor BSE. The categorization of NSE listed companies into various series provides investors with valuable insights into their characteristics and trading possibilities. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the count of registered companies in NSE is dynamic, influenced by factors such as new IPOs, mergers, and delistings. By staying informed about the evolving landscape, investors can make more informed decisions in the ever-changing world of stock trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many companies are listed in NSE?

NSE-listed companies stood at 2,266 as of 31 December 2023.

Which are the most popular NSE series?

On NSE, the highest number of companies are traded in EQ, BE, GS, and SM series. Please check the article for full forms and more details about this series.

What are EQ series shares?

EQ stands for Equity. Normal trading, as well as intraday trading, is done in this category.

What is the difference between EQ and BE?

The key difference between EQ and BE is regarding the nature of settlement. BE series is used to indicate Trade for Trade securities under surveillance and thus, no intraday trading is allowed in the stocks in this series.


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