Paras Defence IPO allotment, 4 ways to check status


Paras Defence IPO allotment is expected to be finalized by tomorrow. The INR170.8 crore-offer was subscribed a whopping 304 times on the back of HNI-led demand while QIB and retail investors also turned in strong responses. In total, Paras Defence IPO was oversubscribed 928 times in NII category (aka known as HNI category) while financial institutions (QIBs) and retail investors’ quota were covered 170 times and 113 times, respectively. Paras Defence IPO allotment will be finalized by issue registrar Link Intime.

Given the massive subscription, interest and expectations among investors is also abnormally high when it comes to allotment status. There are 4 major ways to check Paras Defence IPO allotment status.

#1 Registrar Website – Most effective way to check Paras Defence IPO allotment status

The registrar to the offer is the sole party responsible for allotment of shares. In case of Paras Defence IPO, the registrar is Link Intime. Thus, applicants can head to Link Intime’s website and select the IPO from the dropdown menu, enter ANY of the following details to check their allotment status:

  • PAN
  • IPO Application Number
  • Demat Account Number
  • Bank Account & IFSC details

Registrar website gets lot of traffic on the date of allotment which might result in website crashes and delayed loading. Thus, it is better to keep other options handy.

#2 BSE Website

Investors can also check the IPO allotment page on BSE website which offers allotment status flawlessly. However, investors will need application number in addition to PAN to check status in this option. Simply select equity, relevant IPO, application number and PAN to get status.

BSE has relatively robust infrastructure for its website and thus, investors are unlikely to face problems of slow connection and unresponsiveness in this option.

#3 Bank Account

The next best source is your bank account to find out if you have been allotted shares or not. In case of successful allotment, bank account balance goes down by the corresponding amount. For Paras Defence, the amount is INR14,875. It is important to note that IPO allotment and amount deduction from bank account are two different events but in some cases, both happen almost concurrently.

#4 Credit in Demat Account

Finally, investors can also check if the shares have been credited in their demat accounts. However, this is the slowest of all the methods. In some cases, shares are credited on the day of listing making it the least effective method.

It is also important to understand IPO allotment process as well as timelines. In case of Paras Defence IPO, the allotment timetable is as follows

Finalisation of Basis of Allotment: 28 September 2021
Initiation of refunds: 29 September 2021
Transfer of shares to demat accounts: 30 September 2021
Paras Defence Listing Date: 1 October 2021

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