Stock Market Insights Within 60 Seconds


Investors and traders alike often flock to the stock markets in a bid to generate returns on the initial sum they invest which is known as the principal amount. Not only do they hope not to lose out on the principal amount that they invest but they often hope to generate returns that surpass it in leaps and bounds.

In order to successfully navigate the stock market and be in a position to profit from it, investors and traders alike are required to be able to assess the factors that affect the market with ease. The markets are affected by global and domestic events and news that shape it and cause it to react in both, upward and downward trends.

Different events have different impacts on different stocks that operate in a wide variety of industries. While some events might bode badly for stocks operating within a certain industry, they can prove to be helpful in the case of others and cause their value to rise. Take for instance the Coronavirus pandemic which at its onset in March 2020 caused a number of stocks which were otherwise performing well and operating in sectors ranging from finance to transportation to fall to half their original value. On the flipside, stocks that belonged to the information technology sector witnessed a hike in their value during this time.

In order to truly be in a position to navigate the markets with ease therefore, it is important to have access to the news that shapes these markets at your fingertips. When the news is sifted through and handpicked such that it is relevant to the stock market it allows for efficiency. It is important to understand that markets can be volatile and being able to play the market successfully requires you to be able to adequately predict how it will react to certain news. For this, gaining insight into market news with speed is vital.

Enter Angel One’s Smart Buzz

This is where Angel One’s Smart Buzz comes in handy. It allows for information mindfulness wherein users are able to catch up with market news in under a minute. This smartphone application’s unique selling point lies in the fact that it allows you to declutter your news feeds without glossing over or missing important information. Their custom watchlist allows you to keep track of companies that are of most interest to you. Furthermore, it is possible to check the performance of companies relevant to you and track stocks among other features.

Those new to the markets can stay informed as they make their investments by setting up a depository (or Demat) account via the Smart Buzz smartphone application. Features that make this offering truly unique are as follows.

  • You can access and read all the market action that transpired on any given day in one place
  • You can stay informed by reading the 60 second news insights in your preferred regional language
  • Users are provided with company insights by creating a customized watchlist that provides updates on stock prices along with performance reports

Oftentimes it is entirely possible to get overwhelmed by too much information. In order to be able to process all that comes your way, it should be filtered. The Angel One Smart Buzz application does just that by freeing up space and bringing to your attention news and trends that are relevant to you. This is delivered in a concise manner and is able to capture the attention of smartphone users. To add to its appeal, this application has no specific demographic and caters to all including but not limited to market watchers and investors.



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