Angel Broking emerges within the fintech landscape


Last updated on October 30, 2022

Financial solutions on offer that are made possible with the aid of technology encompass the expansive realm of fintech or financial technology. While fintech solutions have been around for over a century, their scope has expanded and the pace with which this expansion has occurred has increased with great celerity. The onset of fintech solutions began with financial globalization which was then followed by a bid to move from analog to digital platforms. Presently, the fintech landscape focuses on start-ups. It has in the past decade and a half witnessed the emergence of cryptocurrencies and smart wallets among others. The fintech market is no longer made up of the traditional banking system and has had to make space for new financial players.

Understanding the Angel Broking Client Base

Angel Broking emerged at a time when the move towards digitally-driven financial services was in effect, and financial institutions played the role of pioneer in this domain. Angel Broking was no different and sought to offer its clients stockbroking solutions. The clients that they catered to were those that were well-versed with the realm of investments and agreed with expert opinions that were based on traditional investment strategies. The attitude that prevailed towards said investments was serious, formal, and aggressive.

This client base however altered over time and as we approach the 3rd decade of the 21st century, it has become apparent that millennial and gen-Z preferences now prevail. Their investment ideas and strategies are often in contrast with those of their predecessors which is owed to a number of reasons. For starters, they have had extensive exposure to technological inventions, innovations, and developments which have resulted in them being more tech-savvy and more receptive to these new changes. These changes have also meant that the way in which financial services are made available has altered.

Within this new landscape, young investors have displayed a markedly different attitude in the way they handle wealth and investment.

  • For starters, their investment decisions seek to fulfill instant gratification. Scanning social networking applications and understanding society are therefore key to their investment strategies.
  • Gen-Z and millennials also aren’t necessarily pros at or thoroughly aware of all that they seek to invest in. They are quicker to invest their funds in the hopes of scoring big sooner rather than later.
  • They combine both old and new investment strategies and have a penchant for stocks.
  • They are known to invest in technology and participate in impact investing.

Digital First

In a bid to make clear to its clients, partners, and all external sources of the evolutionary changes that have impacted the Angel team and helped it expand, the brand now goes by the name ‘Angel One’. This name is believed to better showcase the expansive range of services provided by the fintech company that highlights its digital-first position.

Its new logo has the word ‘one’ written in orange – which is a color that was previously not shown in the logo. The usage of orange hints at the vibrant nature of the company and the varying typefaces are indicative of the dynamic nature that adds to the company’s appeal when considering gen-Z and millennial audiences alike.

Find All Your Financial Needs at Angel One

Angel One’s expansive services include but aren’t tied to mutual funds, stockbroking, and insurance alone – there are wide-ranging opportunities and services available to all. Each of the financial needs young Indian consumers might find themselves facing are addressed by Angel One that now has a contemporary and innovative feel to it which empowers its clients. An umbrella brand strategy was employed by the Angel team to highlight the varying business extensions available at Angel One. This was made possible with the aid of seamless brand architecture.

As Angel One has evolved and grown, it has made sure to tether its client base to its coattails such that they too grow. Educational material in the form of informative videos, podcasts, and write-ups by Angel One have each aimed at helping clients become empowered.


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