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Last updated on October 30, 2022

Renaming the brand

When considering the company Angel Broking which is presently recognized for the broking services it provides, it’s not always easy to look beyond their financial broking services. However, the company has come a long way since its inception and now features a broad range of financial services that include but aren’t limited to those pertaining to loans, insurance, and mutual funds. In order to convey to current and prospective clients their wider range of offerings, Angel Broking is rebranding itself as Angel One. This company has also recognized that there is now a broader range of individuals that seek to avail of financial services and are largely made up of Gen-Z and Millenials and keeping this in mind, they have rebranded themselves.

Strategies to improve communication

Angel One has made use of a dedicated rebranding strategy in order to better communicate with current as well as potential clients. While they have employed a number of tools to do so, the most effective means by which they have communicated with their audience is by altering their logo. They have moved away from the word ‘broking’ and replaced it with a bright, orange ‘one’ which shows the vibrancy of the brand and its dynamic capabilities. These have been amplified with the use of narrow and broad fonts.

Exceptional services at Angel One

Angel One has gone out of its way to ensure that each of the services it offers is transparent and features zero brokerage requirements which is much welcomed. Clients that seek out the financial services Angel One offers are assured of efficiency and prospective clients can create an account in no time. ARQ Prime, the in-house robot advisory that Angel One hosts provides clients with up to 15 investment suggestions based on their preferences and the kinds of stock they seek out.

One answer to all client needs

The team at Angel One recognizes the power of using only one platform to reach out to a diverse audience that has different financial needs owing to a number of factors ranging from differing financial backgrounds to different levels of enthusiasm to different financial fields. Moreover, different clients have different motivations that govern each of their financial demands. Angel One has solutions to each of these that are available on their singular platform.

YouTube X Angel One

Angel One has sought to rebrand itself with the aid of a number of videos that they have uploaded to YouTube.


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