Stock volatility affects grey market premium for Precision Camshafts


As the Precision Camshafts IPO opens on 27 January, activity in the grey market has started picking up in the new year. Priced in the range of INR180-186 per share, the first public issue under the T+6 rule, the IPO will mobilize over INR400 crore. Although the issue is yet to open for subscription for general public or even anchor investors, Precision Camshafts GMP rates suggests the IPO will end up rewarding investors.

In case you haven’t gone through IPO Central’s review of the IPO, here is the link:

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Precision Camshafts IPO conference

Grey market is the unofficial agreement between an IPO investor and a stock broker which allows investors to lock profits before the stock lists. Even though the grey market is entirely based on trust with zero regulations, premium or discounts are often seen by high net worth and retail investors as a strong indicator of likely scenarios post listing. Under this system, shares allotted to IPO applications are sold by brokers without actually transferring the shares to their accounts. As one can guess, activity in the grey market is volatile and unstable and the premiums can quickly diminish if the broader markets correct heavily.

According to brokers in key markets such as Ahmadabad and Jaipur, Precision Camshafts GMP rates are in the range of INR15-18 per share which indicate that the stock’s listing is expected at more than INR300 INR200 per share. Grey market worked as a solid indicator in the case of Dr Lal Path Labs and Alkem Laboratories, but Precision Camshafts GMP numbers are not big and marginal at best. As noted above, these rates are subject to change and given the extreme volatility in the secondary market, grey market premiums can correct sharply from these levels.

In the coming days, Precision Camshafts’ subscription levels and allotments to anchor investors will be the prominent IPO news but it may be worthwhile to keep an eye on grey market premium as the IPO is certainly not among the most sought after. In any case, investors need not rush into buy into any specific IPO as they have the luxury of choosing from the long list of upcoming IPOs this year in India.


  1. That article says ….

    “grey market premium on Precision Camshafts IPO are in the range of INR15-18 per share which indicate that the stock’s listing is expected at more than INR300 per share.”

    This is wrong on 2 counts:

    1) The author has erred in simple maths … we all know that issue price = 186 … + grey market premium = 15 to 18 (as per the author) … and then author goes on further to say …. “which indicate that the stock’s listing is expected at more than INR 300 per share.”

    I do not understand the maths … how can we rely on just stupid utterances … ?

    2) the current Grey market premium is INR 8 to 9 only.

    • Your feedback is whole-heartedly accepted eagleye. There is no reason why I should restrict comments unless someone is downright abusive. I understand your frustration but please give us some time for comment moderation and replies.

      Like I mentioned earlier, I stand corrected on the listing price. As far as the grey market premium is concerned, it keeps changing pretty frequently. Just checked with my contacts and the premiums are what I mentioned. Please note, there are regional variations.

    • Hi Hardik, this is not a clear “apply” or “don’t apply” case and the eventual decision in such borderline cases rests on the risk appetite of an investor. The furor over the corporate governance could have been digested last year when the markets were doing well. I think slim grey market premiums are warning signs but actual performance has been good enough.


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