Bhavook Tripathi Net Worth, Portfolio and More Details


One of the youngest Indian investors, Bhavuk Tripathi, joined the ultra-rich club in his mid-forties. He is not only a successful stock market investor but also a successful businessman. Here we take a look at Bhavook Tripathi net worth, portfolio, investing style, and more.

He received his engineering degree in metallurgy from Varanasi’s Benaras Hindu College. Later, he traveled overseas to the University of Wyoming to pursue his longtime passion for finance. In 1994, after working for a US investment bank, he came back to India.

Bhavook Tripathi’s Investment Journey

In 1999, he established Sanshu Industries, a business that assembled machined parts for Bajaj Auto Ltd., a major 2-wheeler manufacturer. Sanshu Industries is now recognized as a reliable brand in this industry.

Bhavuk Tripathi came to know about FAG Bearings, a bearing manufacturing company. FAG Bearings’ market value was only INR 35 crores and its shares were available for around INR 20 per share. Since it came across as an attractive investment opportunity, Tripathi invested heavily in it while ignoring the IT stocks which were in vogue at the time. FAG Bearings eventually turned the corner and its market value increased tremendously. Tripathi cashed out of FAG Bearings in 2006 with a profit of more than INR 10 crores, marking his first breakthrough in the stock market.

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Bhavook Tripathi Net Worth

He also made investments in Excel Crop Care and Solvay Pharma in 2006. His stake in Solvay Pharma increased dramatically in value from INR 5 crore in 2006 to INR 59 crore in 2010. Even when the outcomes were disastrous, he remained calm. In a way that no other investor could have anticipated, his patience paid off handsomely for these stocks.

Since 2015, Bhavook Tripathi has invested actively in R Systems International. Since then, he has traveled a long investing path. As of June 2023, his ownership in the company increased from 24.62% to 32.1%. Since starting his position, a lot has changed at R Systems. His position fanned concerns of a hostile corporate takeover and it became severe after Tripathi brought an open offer to acquire an additional 26% from the open market in 2011. Since then, the erstwhile promoters have exited the company, transferring the ownership to private equity major Blackrock.

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Bhavook Tripathi Portfolio – Top Holdings

CompanyShares heldStock price (INR)Value (INR crore)
R Systems International Ltd.36,904,164548.02,022.35

Bhavook Tripathi’s Investment Philosophy

Unlike other investors who buy stocks to see if they find something interesting, Bhavook Tripathi goes all in and makes a large investment in a business he is confident about. In stock market parlance, it is called portfolio concentration.

Buy Large: Bhavook Tripathi only owns one stock since he favors concentrated equities investments. Bhavook investigates a firm thoroughly before investing. His method of making large purchases is well-recognized. When Abbott and Solvay Pharma combined, he bought shares of Solvay Pharma. With his large-scale investing, he even caught the attention of other market hunters.

Foresight: He paid attention to ball-bearing companies for automobiles even though Indian investors were preoccupied with the IT sector at the time. His ability to identify when a stock is undervalued is amazing.

Patience: He waits till the stock is most favorable to him before selling his interests. He enjoys investing in the business with great assurance.

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Bhavook Tripathi Net Worth

According to corporate reports filed for the December 2023 quarter, Bhavook Tripathi net worth from the equity investments was around INR 2,022.35 crore. This net worth keeps changing based on stock price fluctuations.

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As of the date of writing this article, Bhavook Tripathi had an equity stake over 1% in just one company, in line with his investment philosophy ‘Go large when you purchase’. Bhavook Tripathi portfolio is characterized by extreme concentration and this may not be the best way for investors looking to emulate Tripathi’s investment philosophy.

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