Mukul Agrawal Portfolio, Net Worth and More Details


Last updated on January 25, 2023

Mukul Agrawal, named Mukul Mahavir Agrawal in corporate filings, is a prominent investor in India and specialises in picking micro and small cap stocks with promise to make it large. The ace investor made its debut in stock markets towards the end of 1990s and has been regular with his investment approach.

Mukul Agrawal Portfolio, Net Worth

The highlight of Mukul Agrawal’s investment philosophy is that he usually pays high attention to a company’s operating history and margin profile. This includes stocks listed for a long period of time but occasionally, he doesn’t mind picking up tracking quantities in recently-listed stocks. Nevertheless, nearly all his investments are made after proper research and he is known for low churn in his portfolio. He is also a trader but keeps a separate portfolio for trading.

Labelled the “New Star” of India’s stock market, Mukul Agarwal’s investment approach has yielded him supernormal returns. At the end of 2022, value of Mukul Agrawal portfolio stood at INR 2,730 crore. This includes only the companies where his shareholding exceeds 1%. Similarly, it excludes securities owned by his wife Madhulika Agarwal who also has a sizable portfolio.

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Mukul Agrawal Portfolio – Top Holdings

CompanyShares heldStock price (INR)Value (INR crore)
Raymond Ltd.1,200,0001518182.1
Radico Khaitan Ltd.1,400,0831043146.0
Allcargo Logistics Ltd.3,300,000428141.1
PDS Ltd.3,580,000334119.6
Intellect Design Arena Ltd.2,500,000426106.4
Gati Ltd.7,000,000149104.6
Karur Vysya Bank Ltd.10,000,000103102.7
Apollo Pipes Ltd.1,500,00055683.3
Ceat Ltd.500,000161580.8
Ethos Ltd.809,64698779.9
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd.280,044268475.2
InfoBeans Technologies Ltd.1,250,00054267.8
Sula Vineyards Ltd.1,600,00042868.4
MPS Ltd.762,45788367.3
Neuland Laboratories Ltd.400,000154061.6

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Mukul Agrawal Net Worth

According to corporate reports filed for December 2022 quarter, Mukul Agrawal net worth from the equity investments was at around INR 2,730 crore. This net worth keeps changing on the basis of stock price fluctuations.

BSE As on the date of writing this article, Mukul Agrawal’s net worth tied to stock market was largely divided in 56 stocks with average shareholding of INR 55 crore.


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