Dolly Khanna Portfolio, Net Worth and More Details


Dolly Khanna is a well-known name in the investing community and has an impressive returns history under her belt. In this article, we will delve deeper into Dolly Khanna portfolio, net worth, and investment style and explore what makes her stand out from other investors.

Dolly khanna Portfolio

Who is Dolly Rajeev Khanna?

Dolly Khanna is an Indian businesswoman and investor whose portfolio is managed by her husband Rajeev Khanna. While Rajeev Khanna started with an ice cream venture named “Kwality Milk Foods” which was sold to Hindustan Unilever in 1995, the Chennai-based duo is now completely focused on managing their investments.

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Dolly Khanna Portfolio – Top Holdings

CompanyShares heldStock price (INR)Value (INR crore)
Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd.1,618,520945.0152.95
Ujjivan Financial Services Ltd.1,709,646554.794.83
J Kumar Infraprojects Ltd.800,303622.549.81
Prakash Industries Ltd.2,179,678164.035.75
Repco Home Finance Ltd.693,507502.034.81
Som Distilleries & Breweries Ltd.889,429315.728.08
Prakash Pipes Ltd.685,438376.325.79
Talbros Automotive Components 760,682309.323.53
Zuari Industries Ltd.543,732360.019.57
Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers 1,650,990113.518.73
Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd.283,988649.018.43
Control Print Ltd.190,270925.017.60
Salzer Electronics Ltd.181,500800.014.52
Selan Exploration Technology Ltd.156,594642.810.07
KCP Sugar & Industries Corporation 1,610,63836.85.93
Deepak Spinners Ltd.127,099230.02.92
Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd.360,03562.02.23
Savera Industries Ltd.154,625124.91.93
National Oxygen Ltd.58,427134.80.79

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Dolly Khanna Net Worth

According to corporate reports filed for the March 2024 quarter, Dolly Khanna net worth from the equity investments was around INR 558.28 crore. This net worth keeps changing based on price fluctuations on BSE and NSE. This includes only the companies where her shareholding exceeds 1%.

As of the date of writing this article, Dolly Khanna’s net worth tied to the stock market was largely divided into a highly concentrated portfolio of 19 stocks with an average shareholding of INR 29.38 crore.

Dolly Khanna Net Worth

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Dolly Khanna’s Investment Journey

It might come as a surprise to the readers that the husband-wife duo, flush with cash after selling their venture, was uninitiated in stock market investments at the time and preferred to keep funds in fixed deposits.

A chemical engineer from IIT Madras, Rajeev decided to put some money in tech stocks at a whim and managed to get out just in time with handsome gains. The subsequent meltdown in tech stocks in 2000 forced Khanna to change gears and experiment with deeper analysis before making investments. Nevertheless, the duo had limited success before making it large with their investment in Unitech – a realty firm in Delhi in 2003. Within five years, the investment grew 500X to INR 25 crore as the realty market took off in a massive rally.

Another notable hit in this list is Nilkamal Ltd. – a leading plastic furniture manufacturer in India. In 2013, Khanna invested in the company when the stock was trading at around INR 50 per share. This investment resulted in a 6-fold increase in her investment in just two years.

In addition, the duo has made it big in names like Rain Industries, Repro India, Avanti Feeds, Thirumalai Chemicals, and Heritage Foods.

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Dolly Khanna Investment Style

Dolly Khanna’s investment style, which is effectively set by her husband, is unique and sets her apart from other investors. Mostly, she invests in small-cap and mid-cap companies in traditional industries that have high growth potential and a proven track record. Naturally, this involves several aspects like management quality which go beyond merely numbers while also ruling out new-age sectors like IT and media. Khanna is also known for the “buy and hold” approach.

Rajiv Khanna

By taking a look at Dolly Khanna portfolio, one can very well understand her liking for chemicals, manufacturing, liquor, textile, and sugar – essentially all the sectors that have a great degree of business continuity with the current setup and aren’t prone to disruption. Needless to say, undervaluation is another very important criterion for any stock to be included in Dolly Khanna portfolio.

One of the notable things about Dolly Khanna’s investment style is that she and Rajeev keep a low profile and don’t make regular media appearances to advertise their holdings and fresh picks. This naturally helps in avoiding unnecessary scrutiny and also in accumulating a large number of shares without blowing up the stock prices.

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Without a doubt, Dolly Khanna’s investment style has yielded rich dividends for her. Her approach of investing in trustworthy small-cap and mid-cap companies with high-growth potential has played a crucial role in this success. Investors can learn valuable lessons from Dolly Khanna’s investment style and history and apply them to their investment strategies.


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