Smart Investing: Aligning Investments with Financial Goals


Last updated on October 30, 2022

Different individuals are governed by different financial goals owing to which their investment agendas differ vastly from one another. Apart from differing reasons, people’s financial goals are also governed by differing timelines. Furthermore, while one individual might want this fund accessible in one fell swoop, another might be content with receiving a fixed sum of money each month from his investments.  If you are curious about smart investing and wan to learn how to determine your financial goals and plan your financial future, visit the Angel One website and peruse the Smart Money offering as it provides insights into the same.

Smart Investing: Understanding the Role of Financial Goals

Keeping the aforementioned facts in mind, consider creating clear financial goals keeping in mind your future expectations. With a financial goal in place, it is possible to better plan your investments and you can adequately determine how you ought to spend your money. Simply put, financial goals help lay the path for investments best suited to your needs and wants.  

Smart Investing Aligning Investments with Financial Goals

Now that the virtues associated with setting financial goals are clear, it is worth noting that different investments are best suited to different financial goals. Once a financial goal is clear, it is possible to select investments keeping in mind the time frame in place and the return sought after. Apart from this, once an investor has determined the manner in which they will make their investments, they may also want to consider saving a portion of their money consistently over time. 

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Diversify your Portfolio by Considering Different Asset Classes

Today, the financial markets are home to a ton of financial products that can be leveraged as investments to eventually fulfil financial goals. These financial products include alternative and complex products, annuities, bank products and bonds. Commodity futures, initial coin offerings and cryptocurrencies are also included here. If investors feel like diversifying their portfolio beyond these asset classes, they can also consider investing in insurance policies, mutual funds and ETFs, options, security futures and stocks.

Financial products such as those mentioned above can be invested in keeping in mind the following tools that allow for viable investments.

ARQ Prime1This Angel One offering helps investors diversify their stock holdings by recommending stocks with the aid of a rule-based investment engine. The value of this engine lies in the fact that it utilises “smart beta” which recommends stocks without being influenced by humans. Stocks recommended include value, growth, high momentum and quality stocks.

Vested2 – The Angel One x Vested venture allows Indians to diversify their holdings and extend them to include investments that lie within global markets. After all, an important aspect of smart investing involves looking at financial markets that extend beyond India. With this offering, investors can make zero commission investments and are entitled to make fractional investments. These fractional investments are particularly useful to individuals with narrow budgets that may otherwise prevent them from investing in certain companies.

Smart Money and Knowledge Centre Each of these Angel One offerings serve as the perfect resources for those seeking to brush up on their knowledge of the financial markets. Here, it is possible for investors to gain insights into the markets, learn how they operate and study different strategies that help make strategic investments. What makes each of these Angel One offerings stand out is the fact that information is provided in a manner that is easy to comprehend.

Concluding Thoughts

Ultimately, aligning investments with financial goals requires time and careful consideration of both, financial goals, and the investment under consideration. It is important for investors to always take into account their threshold for risk and only invest as much as they can afford to lose. Investing in a smart, cautious manner can potentially bring in returns. In order to learn more about investing, visit the Angel One website today and take advantage of the ample resources available that help navigate financial markets with ease. Smart investing


1ARQ is not an exchange approved product and any dispute related to this will not be dealt on exchange platform

2Vested is not exchange traded products and Angel One Ltd. is just acting as referrer all dispute with respect to the distribution activity would not have access to exchange investor Redressal Forum or Arbitration mechanism


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