CapitalVia Review – Charges, Services, Trial, Complaints


Last updated on February 4, 2022

CapitalVia Review

CapitalVia is a financial market research and consulting company. It has expertise in forex tips, commodity, stock and equity market, portfolio management, and others. This Indore based financial firm is in the business for almost 12 years now and provide research based financial advice. Through this detailed CapitalVia review, we aim to find out more details about its service offerings, subscription charges, target customers, and other important features.

CapitalVia Global Research Limited – Investment Advisory Details

SEBI registration numberINA200001512
Date of incorporation6 January 2009
Free trialYes (7 days)
Mobile appYes
Services across segmentsYes
Intraday servicesYes
CapitalVia charges (subscription fees)Moderate

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CapitalVia Service Offerings

Investors can choose from any service as per their requirement, risk-bearing capacity, investment capital, etc. CapitalVia services are classified into four groups.

  • Market Pro: Market Pro consists of several services designed for intraday traders. It includes services in cash, derivatives and commodities segments.
ServiceRecommended investment (INR)Recommendation frequencyFor whom
Alpha IPO20,000IPO investors
Alpha Equity Cash60,00025 – 30 /monthIntraday traders in equity
Alpha Equity Options60,000 25 – 30 /month Intraday traders in equity options
Alpha MCX75,00020 – 22 /monthIntraday recommendations in Base Metals, Gold Mini, Silver Mini, Natural Gas
Alpha Commodity Options50,00012 – 15 /monthMCX Options in Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Commodities
Alpha FnO Pro 2,00,00027 – 30/monthIntraday / BTST Trader in Future and Options
Alpha Premium Options2,00,0001/dayIntraday / BTST Trader in Options
Alpha DeLite 3,00,0002-3 /day Intraday / BTST Traders of Equity and Commodity Cash, F&O
Alpha HNI Commodity – Mini3,00,00020-22/monthIntra-day/Short-term HNI Traders in commodity Futures and Options. Serviced by a dedicated Research Analyst.
Alpha HNI Commodity – Mega6,00,000 20-22/month Intra-day/Short-term HNI Traders in commodity Futures and Options. Serviced by a dedicated Research Analyst.
  • TechnIQ: TechnIQ offers services for short term to mid term investors. It provides quantitative trading strategies which are back-tested. With the help of TechnIQ, you only need 5 minutes every week to plan your trades.
Service Recommended investment (INR)Recommendation frequencyFor whom
Sigma Pro1,50,00012 – 15 /monthPositional traders in Equity cash segment
Infinity Plus 1,50,0002 – 3 /monthMid-term Investors in equity cash
Prime Delta Derivative 2,00,00012 – 20 /monthShort-term momentum traders in equity cash, futures and options
  • QuantIQ: QuantIQ offers quant based services for better risk management. It consists of two services, one each for the cash and futures segment.
QuantIQ Recommended investment (INR) Recommendation frequencyFor whom
Alpha Wealth5,00,000Once (10-15 stocks)Mid-term Investors who wish to invest in large-cap stocks with monthly rebalancing
Alpha Bank Nifty1,00,0008 – 12 /monthIntra-day/Short-term Traders in Bank Nifty Index Futures and Options
  • Market Neuron: Market Neuron is for investors planning to invest for mid to long term. It is based on eminent investment strategies and also revolves around events and themes which could affect the markets.
Market Neuron Recommended investment (INR) Recommendation frequencyFor whom
Delta Dominative Neuron50,000Once (5 stocks)Mid-to-long term investors who invest based on fundamental analysis
Prime Value Picks1,50,000Once (8-12 stocks)Mid-to-long term investors who invest based on fundamental analysis
Textile Neuron50,000Once (11 stocks)Mid-to-long term investors who invest in textile sector

CapitalVia Charges and Subscription Fees

As mentioned above, the company has a range of product offerings aimed at different trading and investing requirements across different segments. Nevertheless, CapitalVia charges appear to be on the higher side.

  • Market Pro
Market ProMonthly (INR)Quarterly (INR)Half yearly (INR)Risk
Alpha IPO999Medium
Alpha Equity Cash3,0008,000Medium
Alpha Equity Options3,0008,000Moderately High
Alpha MCX3,0008,000Moderately High
Alpha Commodity Options3,00015,000Moderately High
Alpha FnO Pro20,00040,000Moderately High
Alpha Premium Options 30,00060,000Moderately High
Alpha DeLite30,00060,000Moderately High
Alpha HNI Commodity – Mini30,00060,000 Moderately High
Alpha HNI Commodity – Mega30,00060,000Moderately High
  • TechnIQ
TechnIQQuarterly (INR)Half yearly (INR)Risk
Sigma Pro8,00015,000Medium
Infinity Plus15,000Low
Prime Delta Derivative25,00050,000Moderately high
  • QuantIQ
QuantIQQuarterly (INR)Half yearly (INR)Risk
Alpha Wealth10,000Low
Alpha Bank Nifty15,00025,000Moderately High
  • Market Neuron
Market NeuronHalf yearly (INR)Risk
Delta Dominative Neuron3,000Low
Prime Value Picks5,000Low
Textile Neuron5,000Low

CapitalVia Complaints and Customer Service

Although CapitalVia has been in this investment business from a long time there customer reviews seems to be very poor. Most of the business websites has rated it with lower ratings, with lots of negative reviews. Several customers reviews on other websites and on SEBI SCORES portal have even accused the firm of cheating and fraud. It appears that CapitalVia customer service isn’t exactly topnotch. The increasing trend in the number of complaints in recent years is also not inspiring.

CapitalVia Complaints Trend

FY2018-19 – 17
FY2019-20 – 19
FY2020-21 – 27
9M FY2021-22 – 34

CapitalVia Review: Pros and Cons


  • Free trial
  • Wide variety of services


  • High number of complaints
  • Extremely poor customer services

SEBI barred CapitalVia Global Research and its three directors from taking up any new advisory business in 2016. In a clear violation of SEBI guidelines, the company promised an assured return of 10% which brought it in the regulatory line of fire. Although subsequently, the regulator has allowed the company to accept new advisory business.

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CapitalVia Review

CapitalVia has had a chequered history with regulators which didn’t reflect positively and the number of complaints has also been increasing in recent years.


Disclaimer – The objective behind CapitalVia advisory review is to offer an unbiased view of the company’s service offerings and cost of subscription services. This review of CapitalVia service offerings is only for information purpose and is not a recommendation for investors.


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