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Last updated on December 27, 2023

StockAxis is a Mumbai-based advisory service provider and it operates under Opulent Investment Adviser Private Limited. The company is a SEBI registered investment adviser. Unlike several other advisory companies which offer services across different segments, StockAxis is a highly focused firm specializing in the equity segment. Through this detailed StockAxis review, we aim to find out more about its service offerings, subscription stockaxis fees, target customers, and other important features.

StockAxis Details (Opulent Investment Adviser Private Limited)

SEBI registration numberINA000011644 (Investment Advisor)
INH000007669 (Research Analyst)
Date of Incorporation24 July 2014
Free TrialYes (1 week, 2 recommendations)
Mobile AppYes
Services across segmentsNo (Only Equity service offered)
Intraday ServicesNo
StockAxis charges (Subscription Fees)Moderate

StockAxis Review: Services

StockAxis has a relatively narrow focus on equity segment and that is not necessarily a bad choice. Unlike several other advisory firms, StockAxis has a slim portfolio of services (it has actually shrunk from previous years) with just three offerings under advisory and two under research. Here is more on StockAxis services.

StockAxis Advisory Services – MILARS Portfolio

This strategy is based on six guiding principles of Market Direction, Industry Ranking, Leading Stock, Acceleration in Earnings, Relative Price Strength, and Selling Rules. The strategy aims to create a 15-20 stock portfolio with a focus on business growth. The strategy also applies regular rebalancing as a loss-containment measure. Recommended investment tenure is minimum 1 year.

StockAxis Advisory Services – Multibaggers Portfolio

As the name suggests, this product aims to find potential multibaggers for investors. The strategy focuses on creating a long-term portfolio of 15 – 20 young companies with the potential to grow exponentially in the medium to long term. The essence is to spot young companies and watch them grow. Like MILARS portfolio, Multibaggers portfolio also employs regular rebalancing to cut short the losses and ride the winners. Recommended investment tenure is 3 years although the portfolio churn is claimed to be low.

StockAxis Advisory Services – Swing Trading Portfolio

This strategy is essentially a short-term product, designed for investors who would like to take advantage of the opportunities available in the market to make quick gains while keeping a strict stop loss. As one can imagine, this strategy will have a high portfolio churn as every stock has a strict stop loss of 8%. Although these are fundamentally strong companies (20 – 24 in a year), entry and exit rules are based on technical analysis.

StockAxis Research Services – Emerging Market Leaders

This research-based portfolio recommends 10-15 stocks per year with the aim of picking potential multibaggers in mostly mid/small cap space.

StockAxis Research Services – Stocks on the Move

This research service has a short-term horizon and aims to benefit from momentum through 15-20 recommendations every year.

StockAxis Charges & Fees

StockAxis pricing is relatively simple with all plans priced at a flat rate of INR25,000, and users can get discount by choosing two or more services.

StockAxis Charges – Advisory Services

ServiceHalf-yearly Cost (INR)Annual Cost (INR)
MILARS (A)12,50025,000
Multibaggers (B)12,00025,000
Swing Trading (C) 12,000 25,000
All in One (A+B+C)50,000
A discount of 20% is offered on two or more services

StockAxis Pricing – Research Services

ServiceQuarterly Cost (INR)Half-yearly Cost (INR)Annual Cost (INR)
Emerging Market Leaders10,00015,00025,000
Stocks on the Move10,00015,00025,000
A discount of 20% is offered on two or more services

StockAxis Complaints and Customer Service

The company claims to have done pretty well in terms of its portfolio recommendations. However, there are high number of complaints against the company on online forums. Most of these complaints are related to the poor accuracy of their recommendations and inadequate customer service. When compared with other advisory companies, it appears these two are common problems in the industry. However, it doesn’t appear to be an outright fraud like some other players in the industry. StockAxis complaints

StockAxis Review: Pros & Cons

Advantages of StockAxis advisory:

  • Week-long trial which includes 2 recommendations
  • Reasonable pricing of subscriptions
  • Decent mobile app

Disadvantages of StockAxis advisory:

  • Absence of monthly plan
  • StockAxis complaints – High
  • Poor customer service

StockAxis seems to be a competent advisory but the high number of complaints don’t inspire confidence. StockAxis is known to provide free tips although it has a section on its websites which debunks several free tips being floated in the market.

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Disclaimer – The objective behind StockAxis review is to offer an unbiased view of the company’s service offerings and cost of subscription services. This review of StockAxis service offerings is only for information purpose and is not a recommendation for investors.



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