Ripples Advisory Review – Subscription fees, Services, Trial, Complaints


Important Update: On 31 December 2019, SEBI issued an order against Ripples Advisory Private Limited and its past and present directors to immediately crease and desist from acting as an investment advisor as well as from accessing securities market, either directly or indirectly.

Indore-based Ripples Advisory is a leading name among research and advisory firms in India. Established in May 1989, the firm has been a SEBI registered investment advisor since June 2015. As such, it has been around for quite some time and offers a range of services in the Equity, Commodity and Currency segments. This Ripples Advisory Review is aimed at finding out more details about its service offerings, subscription fees, target customers, and other important features.

Ripples Advisory Details

SEBI registration number INA000003049 (Investment Advisor)
Free Trial Yes (1 day)
Mobile App No
Complaints Yes (Very high)
Services across segments Yes (Equity, Commodity, Currency)
Intraday Services Yes
Pricing (Subscription Fees) High

Ripples Advisory Review: Services

Ripples Advisory offers a wide gamut of services which are aimed at intraday traders, institutional investors, high networth individuals (HNIs) and retail investors. As mentioned above, the company’s products and services are spread across different segments of market including equity, currency and commodity. The firm offers the following services:

Equity Services

  • Stock Option
  • Premium Stock Option
  • Stock Cash
  • Premium Stock Cash
  • Premium Stock Future
  • Cash circuit Call
  • Supersonic Cash
  • Supersonic Future
  • Blue Chip

Commodity (MCX and NCDEX) Services

  • Agri-commodity
  • MCX Power Pack
  • MCX Option

HNI and Platinum Services

  • Stock Cash Platinum
  • Stock Future HNI
  • Bullions Platinum
  • Muhurat Trading Call

Index and Currency Services

  • Precious Metal (Gold + Silver)
  • Base Metal and Energy
  • Stock Future Platinum
  • Premium MCX
  • Inventory Calls
  • Stock Option Platinum
  • HNI Cash
  • BTST and STBT Services
  • Future Circuit Call
  • Nifty Future
  • Currency Premium
  • Bank Nifty
  • Nifty Option
  • Currency
  • Currency Premium

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Ripples Advisory Review: Subscription Fees

Equity Services

Service Call Frequency Monthly Cost (INR) Quarterly Cost (INR) Half-yearly Cost (INR)
Stock Option 4 – 5 calls per day 7,900 18,900 25,900
Stock Cash 3 – 4 calls per day 11,000 27,000 51,000
Premium Stock Future 1 – 2 calls per day 15,000 36,000 60,000
Cash Circuit Call 1 – 2 calls per day 1,01,000 2,51,000 4,00,000
Blue Chip 2 – 4 calls per day 18,000 48,000 85,000

MCX & NCDEX Services

Service Call Frequency Monthly Cost (INR) Quarterly Cost (INR) Half-yearly Cost (INR)
Agri Commodity 3 – 4 calls per day 15,900 35,900 59,900
MCX Power Pack 3 – 4 calls per day 1,50,000    
MCX Option 1 – 2 calls per day 5,000 12,500 22,500

HNI & Platinum Services

Service Call Frequency Monthly Cost (INR) Quarterly Cost (INR) Half-yearly Cost (INR)
MCX HNI 1 – 2 calls per day 45,000 1,15,000 1,85,000
Stock Cash Platinum 2 – 3 calls per day 1,10,000 2,75,000 4,50,000
Stock Future HNI 3 – 4 calls per day 39,900 99,900 1,49,900

Index & Currency Services

Service Call Frequency Monthly Cost (INR) Quarterly Cost (INR) Half-yearly Cost (INR)
Precious Metal (Gold + Silver) 1 – 2 calls per day 20,000 45,000 81,000
Base Metal & energy 3 – 4 calls per day 15,000 36,000 60,000
Stock Future platinum 12 – 18 calls per month 1,25,000 3,35,000 5,50,000
Index Future (Nifty and Bank Nifty) 5 – 6 calls per week 11,000 27,000 51,000
Future Circuit Call 1 – 2 calls per day 1,01,000 2,51,000 4,00,000
Index Option (Nifty and Bank Nifty) 3 – 5 calls per week 11,000 26,500 42,500
Currency 3 – 4 calls per day 12,000 30,000 55,000
BTST/STBT 2 – 3 calls per day 24,999 64,999 99,999
HNI Cash 2 – 3 calls per day 35,000 90,000 1,50,000

Ripples Advisory Review: Pros & Cons

Some advantages of Ripples Advisory services

                Free trial

                Wide array of service offerings 

Some disadvantages of Ripples Advisory services

                Costly subscription service

                Absence of mobile app

                High number of complaints

Even though Ripples Advisory has been in business for several years, there are number of complaints against it on consumer forums as well as in newspapers. One such case even involved a police raid at Ripples Advisory’s call center which was described as a INR1 crore fraud under the pretext of offering lucrative returns.

Ripples Advisory Complaint
Ripples Advisory Complaint 1

Disclaimer – The objective behind Ripples Advisory review is to offer an unbiased view of the company’s service offerings and cost of subscription services. This review of Ripples Advisory’s service offerings is only for information purpose and is not a recommendation for investors.


  1. This company is a big fraud. Stay away and save your money. These people give all kind of guarantee but they are big lies. Most of their calls are bogus.


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