Top Drone Companies in India


The drone sector in India has experienced remarkable expansion, courtesy of the fresh prospects introduced by the ‘Drone Rules 2021’ set forth by the Indian government. Drones, formerly deemed experimental gadgets, have now permeated various sectors, including agriculture, construction, and more. In this article, we will explore the top drone companies in India, their offerings, and the distinguishing factors that set them apart.

Top Drone Companies in India 2023

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#1 IdeaForge – Biggest Among Drone Manufacturers in India


IdeaForge, supported by industry giants Infosys and Qualcomm, is a prominent drone technology company in India. They offer a wide range of drone solutions, which encompass surveillance, mapping, and inspection. With an impressive 50% market share in the Indian unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) market during FY 2022, IdeaForge maintains its position as the indisputable leader among drone manufacturing companies in India.

Their drones serve diverse applications, including border security and disaster management. Moreover, IdeaForge extends its services to include software solutions, such as a drone data management system, enabling clients to efficiently manage their data.

The company has submitted IPO documents and obtained SEBI approval, solidifying its status as one of the premier drone-related stocks in India.

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#2 DJI India – Unmatched Quality and Performance


DJI India, a subsidiary of DJI, the world’s foremost drone manufacturer, is renowned for its high-quality cameras, user-friendly interface, and unwavering reliability. DJI’s drones cater to a wide spectrum of users, serving both consumers and professionals. Their product lineup encompasses consumer drones, professional-grade models, and an array of accessories. DJI India further distinguishes itself by offering comprehensive repair and maintenance services, solidifying their position among the top drone companies in India.

DJI’s drones find applications across various industries, ranging from the world of filmmaking to the domain of agriculture. Additionally, they provide software solutions like DJI FlightHub, which facilitates efficient management of drone fleets. The pricing of DJI India’s drones spans from INR 15,999 for the DJI Tello Drone Boost Combo to INR 690,000 for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drone with Base Station designed for mapping purposes.

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#3 Asteria Aerospace – Beneficiary in Drone PLI Scheme

Asteria Aerospace

Established in 2011 by aerospace engineers Nihar Vartak and Neel Mehta, Asteria Aerospace is in Indian drone company and specializes in the development of drone-based solutions designed to provide actionable intelligence. The company has earned notable recognition as one of the 12 drone manufacturing companies in India shortlisted for participation in the government’s Production-Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme. A significant milestone in its journey was achieved in 2019 when it became a majority-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries’ Jio Platforms.

In addition to catering to the telecom tower surveillance requirements of Reliance Industries, Asteria is on a mission to extend its Drone-as-a-Service offerings to companies beyond the Reliance conglomerate. Demonstrating its growth potential, the company reported a revenue of INR 21 crore in FY 2022.

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#4 Aereo – Commercial Drone Making Company in India

Aereo Aarav Unmanned Systems

Aereo – earlier known as Aarav Unmanned Systems (AUS) – is a technology startup nurtured at IIT Kanpur by Vipul Singh and Suhas Banshiwala. The company is dedicated to providing commercial drone applications tailored for enterprises. Their drone solutions encompass a wide range of applications, including surveying, mapping, and industrial inspection, among others. Aereo has achieved significant milestones by successfully mapping over 55 Lac acres of land, covering more than 200 mines, 35 cities, and over 25,000 villages across India. This commercial drone making company in India also offers a drone data management system, which greatly assists clients in efficient data handling.

Aereo’s impressive journey is backed by prominent investors such as StartupXseed Ventures, Anurag Ramdasan, and GrowX Ventures, contributing to the company’s continued expansion.

#5 Garuda Aerospace – Kisan Drone Services

Garuda Aerospace

Headquartered in Chennai, Garuda Aerospace specializes in delivering cost-effective drone-based solutions and provides accompanying software and analytical tools designed for various industries. Their expertise spans sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, and disaster management. Garuda Aerospace has received accolades for its innovative solutions, including the prestigious NDRF Award in recognition of its outstanding products and services.

A noteworthy achievement for this Indian drone company was the development of an Anti-drone system in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), effectively countering foreign enemy drones.

The company has garnered substantial support, having secured USD 5 million in seed funding and benefiting from the drone PLI scheme. Furthermore, they’ve forged a partnership with Swiggy to conduct grocery delivery trials in Delhi-NCR and Bengaluru, further enhancing their standing in the industry. These kind of commercial opportunities make Garuda one of the most interesting drone manufacturers in India.

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#6 Skylark Drones – Transforming Data into Insights

Skylark Drones

Headquartered in Bangalore, Skylark Drones specializes in drone analytics and work-site intelligence, focusing on providing precise data for informed business decision-making. Their clientele spans various industries, including mining, infrastructure, renewable energy, and agriculture.

With a customer base exceeding 100 enterprises, which includes notable names like Tata Steel, Hindustan Zinc, and Hindalco, Skylark Drones offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing surveying, mapping, and inspection. With an impressive track record of over 100,000 autonomous flights and the capture of 10 million images, Skylark Drones has firmly established itself as a trusted and reliable player in the industry.

In a recent pre-series A funding round, the company successfully raised USD 3 million, led by InfoEdge Ventures and IAN Fund, further solidifying its position in the market.

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#7 Dhaksha Unmanned Systems (DUMS) – Another Drone PLI Scheme Beneficiary

Dhaksha Unmanned Systems (DUMS)

Incorporated in 2019, Dhaksha Unmanned Systems (DUMS) specializes in the provision of drone-based solutions across a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, mining, defense, and surveillance. Their product portfolio encompasses both battery-operated and petrol-engine-based agriculture drones, showcasing the versatility and adaptability of this Indian drone company.

The startup recently secured an undisclosed amount of funding from Coromandel International’s VC arm, Dare Ventures. Given Coromandel’s existing involvement in agricultural solutions, it’s likely that Dhaksha Unmanned Systems’ expertise will be harnessed to introduce a ‘Drone as a Service’ model within the agritech sector. Additionally, Dhaksha Unmanned Systems has earned recognition as one of the beneficiaries of the drone PLI scheme.

#8 Quidich Innovation Labs – Aerial Cinematography and Photography Experts

Quidich Innovation Labs

Located in Mumbai, Quidich Innovation Labs is a prominent service provider specializing in aerial cinematography and photography using drones. Founded by Rahat Kulshreshtha, the company has a noteworthy track record of working on a multitude of prestigious projects, which include Bollywood films and major sporting events such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Pro Kabaddi League. With an extensive portfolio boasting over 350 film projects, Quidich Innovation Labs has garnered acclaim for its exceptional expertise in the field.

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#9 Aero360 – Dronix Technologies – High-Performance Drones for Surveillance and Industrial Survey

Aero360 – Dronix Technologies

Established in 2017, Aero360 specializes in the development of high-performance autonomous drones tailored for surveillance, monitoring, and industrial survey applications. Their product lineup extends to encompass industrial inspections, security solutions, and surveillance services. With a portfolio that includes the successful completion of over 50 projects across India, Aero360 is making notable advancements in the industry.

Operating as a bootstrapped company, they have been recipients of grants under the MSME scheme, providing support for their growth. The pricing of their products spans a range from INR 3,00,000 to INR 30,00,000, catering to a variety of needs within their target market.

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#10 Avian Aerospace – Focusing on Environmental Monitoring and Conservation

Avian Aerospace

Established in 2017 by Dineshkumar Chandrasekaran, Avian Aerospace is engaged in the manufacturing of agriculture and industrial drones. Their services encompass Aerial Mapping, Drone Surveys, and Inspection, and the company boasts a track record of completing over 85 projects. Avian Aerospace places a strong emphasis on environmental monitoring and conservation endeavors, making it a distinctive player in the industry.

What sets Avian Aerospace apart is its dedicated focus on utilizing drones for environmental monitoring and conservation initiatives. The company has been actively involved in projects aimed at monitoring wildlife populations and combatting habitat destruction. With a team of 15 employees, Avian Aerospace continues to make valuable contributions in this vital domain.

This compilation of the top drone companies in India sheds light on their distinctive offerings and contributions to the rapidly expanding drone industry. While the list of drone stocks in India is different from this list, it is anticipated that this landscape will change as more and more companies go for stock market listing. Investors can look forward to a growing number of drone stocks in India as regulatory encouragement paves the way for a more robust support system. The drone industry in India is regulated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

At present, the Indian government has released a provisional list comprising 23 beneficiaries under the drone PLI scheme. This list encompasses 12 drone manufacturers in India and 11 drone component manufacturers, indicating the government’s commitment to fostering the growth of the drone industry.

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Top Drone Manufacturers in India FAQs

What are the benefits of using drones in India?

Drones find utility in a multitude of industries, spanning from agriculture to construction, offering cost-effective and efficient solutions for a wide array of applications.

Which are the top drone companies in India?

Among India’s leading drone companies are IdeaForge, DJI India, Asteria Aerospace, Aereo, and Garuda Aerospace.

How many companies are included in the government’s drone PLI scheme?

As of the latest available data, the government has chosen 23 companies for inclusion in the drone PLI scheme for FY 2023.

Are drones legal in India?

Yes, drones are legal in India, but they must be registered with the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

How much do drone services cost in India?

The pricing for drone services in India varies according to the particular service and the company offering it. To get accurate pricing details, it is advisable to directly reach out to the respective company for a customized quote.

Are there any regulations on using drones in India?

Yes, there are regulations governing the use of drones in India, including constraints on flying in designated areas and at specific altitudes. All drones need to be registered with the drone regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and drone operators are needed to have a licence to fly them.

Who is the largest drone maker in India?

IdeaForge is the largest drone manufacturer in India, providing a comprehensive range of drone solutions, which encompass surveillance, mapping, and inspection services.



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