Automated Trading For Free with SmartAPI


As an investor or trader, it is important to stay abreast of news domestic and global as it impacts the stock market. Over the past two decades, there have been several changes that these markets have witnessed including automated trading. For starters, there has been a transition from trading being conducted on trading floors to a growing demand for digital trading. With a strong internet connection traders can access the markets with ease and trade from the comfort of their homes.

This transition to a digital space has also been accompanied by evolving trading strategies being employed. Prior to the democratization of the internet, traders often employed strategies that required them to make calculations and deductions themselves before placing a trade. Today, however, automated trading or algorithmic trading is very much a possibility. 

This form of trading involves a computer program that makes use of an outlined set of instructions called an algorithm such that a trade can be placed. The speed and frequency with which such trades are possible surpasses the capabilities of a human trader. Instructions outlined for algorithmic trading take in account timing, quantity and price or employ a mathematical model.

Automated trading has proven to be a viable tool as it allows for traders to have access to greater opportunities to accrue a profit. Moreover, it has allowed for markets to have a greater level of liquidity and systematic trading to occur. This is made possible by removing the aforementioned human emotions that can adversely impact trading activities.

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Angel One’s Automated Trading Solution

In India, Angel One has brought automated trading to the masses with the aid of SmartAPI. Users can acquire a trading platform that is operational in just a few minutes with the free APIs it offers. Users need not be worried about having to acquire a brokerage license or becoming a stockbroker in order to create their own trading and investing platforms.

Its value lies in the fact that the entire process is free of cost for platforms generated for the mass retail market. Users can create their own end-to-end broking services. By creating your own trading and investing platform, you can make it available to Angel One’s client who exceed 1 million patrons.

Furthermore, you can have your platform trading-ready in no time. There exists a reliable team on offer by Angel One that helps you acquire approval for your platform. Should you have a mobile application and / or website, you can make them user-friendly with a limited number of HTML codes alone via SmartAPI.

Those who can benefit from these APIs include but aren’t limited to the following.

  • Traders that are eager to employ trading algorithms.
  • Start-ups hoping to build innovative solutions that allow for enhanced stock trading.
  • Platforms and websites that have a demographic focused on investments and trade.

The benefits associated with employing automated trading as offered by Angel One’s SmartAPI are far and wide. There is a greater chance of trades to be executed at the levels a trader desires owing to the instant and accurate order placements. Since trades are accurately timed and instant, major price changes are avoided. The automated checks on varied market conditions are carried out simultaneously which adds to their appeal.

Finally, back testing is a possibility for automated trading with the aid of historical and real-time data available on hand such that a trading strategy’s viability may be assessed. The chances of manual errors occurring at the time of trades being placed is also reduced. Consider SmartAPI today such that you can stand to benefit from each of the aforementioned features.



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