IPO Central Management Team

The IPO Central Management Team

Krishna Bagra: Founder and Head of editorial desk, IPO Central

Krishna BagraComing from a family of investors and financial analysts, Krishna learnt wading through regulatory filings pretty early in her career. She has over 8 years of experience in financial and industry analysis at several research organizations including KPMG and Amba Research. At IPO Central, Krishna plays twin roles of Contributor and Head of research desk. She can be reached at +krishnabagra.

Email: admin at ipocentral.in

Click here for Krishna’s author page and author archive.

Vipin MathurVipin Mathur: CEO, IPO Central

By working with diverse cultures in different segments of various organizations, Vipin has earned 15 years’ of experience in managing and organizing different operations of an organization. His is associated with IPO Central as CEO (Chief Executing Officer). At IPO Central, he has played a leading role in management and operational practices.

Click here for Vipin’s author page and author archive.



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