Multibagger Solar Stock: From INR 17 to INR 2,500 in 3 Years, Headed For Split Now


In the ever-evolving realm of financial markets, one particular luminary has recently seized the attention of investors – a provider of solar energy solutions that transcends mere power generation. With a remarkable 50% surge witnessed in the past six trading sessions, Waaree Renewable Technologies Ltd is reshaping the narrative of what a multibagger solar stock can truly accomplish.

Multibagger Solar Stock Heading For Split

The surge in Waaree Renewable Technologies’ stock price is nothing short of extraordinary. Attaining an all-time high, the company’s shares experienced a 10% upswing on Friday, marking the pinnacle since its initiation on the Bombay Stock Exchange back in 2012. Investors are abuzz with chatter about the company’s impressive trajectory of growth, and rightfully so.

Corporate Overview: Beyond the Ordinary Solar

Waaree Renewable Technologies isn’t your run-of-the-mill solar enterprise; it stands as a powerhouse in solar energy solutions. Positioned as a pivotal player in the solar EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) sector, the company offers holistic solutions that transcend conventional solar energy production.

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Wins in Contracts and Collaborations: Making of a Multibagger Solar Stock

Behind every notable surge in stock lies a foundation built on robust fundamentals. Waaree has been securing contracts and forging partnerships at an impressive pace, solidifying its standing in the market. With an order book exceeding 897 MW, the company isn’t just generating power; it’s propelling itself towards enduring success.

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Financial Performance: Insights into the Figures

Waaree Renewable Technologies’ Q2 results speak volumes about its financial prowess. Reporting a 24% year-over-year growth in revenue, reaching an impressive INR 150 crore, the company’s net profit witnessed a staggering 124% surge, reaching INR 18.29 crore. These figures aren’t mere statistics; they signify a resilient financial groundwork that sets the stage for sustained expansion.

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Fundamental Analysis: A Detailed Examination of the Metrics

For investors keen on delving into the fundamentals, here’s a snapshot of Waaree’s key metrics:

  • Market Cap: ₹5,166 Cr.
  • Current Price: ₹2,480
  • High / Low: ₹2,870 / 470
  • Stock P/E: 77.5
  • Book Value: ₹54.2
  • Dividend Yield: 0.04%
  • ROCE (Return on Capital Employed): 83.8%
  • ROE (Return on Equity): 95.8%
  • Face Value: ₹10.0
  • Debt to Equity: 0.34

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Market Sentiments and Performance Metrics

The stock has been on an impressive trajectory, showcasing remarkable returns over various time frames:

  • Return over 1 week: 2.43%
  • Return over 1 month: 49.6%
  • Return over 3 months: 88.7%
  • Return over 1 year: 423%

Investor Takeaway: Is it a Multibagger Solar Stock From Here Too?

Waaree Renewable Technologies appears to be on the brink of a significant breakthrough. With a robust financial foundation, an expanding order book, and a surge in stock price, it’s garnering the attention of investors seeking the next multibagger opportunity. The company’s fundamentals, reflected in key ratios like ROCE and ROE, portray a business not just thriving in the present but poised for sustained success in the future.

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Stock Split Speculation: An Added Catalyst?

Adding to the thrill is the forthcoming board meeting on January 20th, where Waaree Renewable Technologies’ board will deliberate on a potential stock split. This move could potentially broaden the investor base as lower-priced shares become more accessible.

Closing Reflections: Riding the Solar Surge

Waaree Renewable Technologies isn’t merely a multibagger solar stock; it’s a beacon of sustainable energy that is brightening the portfolios of investors. The recent surge in stock price, coupled with robust financials and strategic contracts, positions Waaree as a potential multibagger solar stock in the making. As the solar industry gains momentum globally, this could be the opportune moment for investors to ride the solar wave with a stock that’s shining brightly in the renewable energy landscape.


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