Biggest IPOs of 2024

Following up on a blockbuster 2023, India’s primary market continues to witness a flurry of activity in 2024 as well. Here, we present you the biggest IPOs of 2024 along with the pricing details.

This surge in IPO activity can be attributed to various factors, including the positive state of the primary market in India, the benefits of a stable government and clear policies, and a historic deleveraging of corporate balance sheets.

Biggest IPOs of 2024

Biggest IPOs of 2024

IPO NameIPO PriceIPO Size (INR Crore)
Vodafone Idea1118,000.00
Bharti Hexacom5704,275.00
Aadhar Housing Finance3153,000.00
Go Digit Insurance2722,614.65
Bharat Highways InvIT1002,500.00
Juniper Hotels3601,800.00
Entero Healthcare1,2581,600.00
TBO Tek9201,550.81
Medi Assist Healthcare4181,171.58
Jyoti CNC3311,000.00
Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels155920.00
Gopal Snacks401650.00
JNK India415649.47
EPACK Durable230640.05
Popular Vehicles295601.55
Rashi Peripherals311600.00
Awfis Space383598.93
Jana Small Finance Bank414570.00
GPT Healthcare186525.14

One of the key drivers behind the robust IPO market in 2024 is the favorable environment in the primary market. Investor sentiment is positive by a combination of factors, including strong economic growth, ample liquidity, and a resurgence in investor confidence. This optimism translates into heightened demand for IPOs, as investors try to capitalize on the potential upside offered by newly listed companies.

Furthermore, the stable political environment and clear policy direction at the policy level by the government are playing a pivotal role in bolstering investor confidence. Market participants are instilled with a sense of stability and predictability, which in turn attracts both domestic and foreign investors to participate in IPOs.

Additionally, the historic deleveraging of corporate balance sheets has created a conducive environment for companies to tap the capital markets through IPOs. As businesses across various sectors worked towards reducing debt and strengthening their financial positions, they increasingly turned to the equity markets to raise capital for growth and expansion initiatives. This deleveraging trend not only enhanced the financial health of companies but also provided investors with opportunities to participate in the growth stories of fundamentally strong businesses.

Against this backdrop, the biggest IPOs of 2024 are garnering significant attention and investor interest. These offerings represent a diverse array of sectors, including technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and finance, showcasing the breadth and depth of India’s burgeoning economy. While each IPO has its unique value proposition and growth trajectory, they share a common thread of innovation, resilience, and potential for long-term value creation.

Investors are particularly drawn to companies with disruptive business models, strong competitive moats, and scalable growth opportunities. Having said that, traditional business models are also finding enough interest, thanks to high earnings visibility and business predictability.

Looking ahead, the momentum in the IPO market is expected to continue as companies capitalize on favorable market conditions to access capital and fuel their growth ambitions.


In conclusion, the biggest IPOs of 2024 underscore the vibrancy and resilience of India’s capital markets, driven by a confluence of factors such as a positive primary market environment, stable governance, and corporate deleveraging. As India’s economy continues to evolve and expand, IPOs will remain a key avenue for companies to raise capital and for investors to participate in the country’s growth story.


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